College History

Long a leader in health professions education, Saint Louis University began its first baccalaureate degree program in an allied health profession in 1929.

The Edward and Margaret Doisy School of Allied Health Professions was dedicated in 2001. The school was endowed by Margaret Doisy, widow of the 1943 Nobel laureate for physiology and medicine for his discovery of vitamin K.

Dr. Doisy's legacy to the department is a tradition of dedication and excellence in science. In 1929, Dr. Doisy was the first to isolate and chemically characterize a steroid sex hormone, opening up the entire field of steroid hormones for chemical and medical investigation. In 1943, Dr. Doisy was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work on determining the chemical nature of vitamin K, an essential component in blood coagulation. Dr. Doisy reassigned much of the income derived from his research to the medical school, which annually provides millions of dollars to our research and teaching infrastructure.

For the complete history of Saint Louis University, please visit: slu.edu/sluhistory/.

College Mission

Rooted in Jesuit ideals, the Doisy College of Health Sciences serves humanity through education, research and engagement.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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