Battle of the Boot Shoe Drive

Battle of the Boot Saint Louis University Shoe Collection

Saint Louis University is beginning a new shoe drive to help the Shoeman Water Projects. This year University of Missouri St. Louis and Washington University are also collecting shoes for the Battle of the Boot. We’ll have to work hard to keep the boot at SLU.

Now is a good time to start your spring cleaning and go through those closets. The Shoe Man will take any type of shoes. Just bring them in and put them in one of the 2 collection boxes in the Allied Health Building, one located in the main lobby and the other between the entrance doors of Fresh Gatherings Cafe. Collection will end May 31.

If you have tennis shoes, please tie them together. Please place each pair of shoes if not tied together, in a small plastic or paper bag and close the bag. By putting the shoes together, it reduces the time needed to sort and match shoes.

If you would like more information on the Shoeman Water Projects, you can check out their website at

Did you know...

  • the cost for drilling a well 600 feet through granite is $40,000?
  • a pump costs $9,000 and is built in country?
  • the generator to provide electricity to run the pump if the village has no electricity is $9,000 and built in country?
  • a water tank (needed if the water is not clean enough when pumped) is $1,000 and the purifier is $1,500?
  • the purifier is portable so an easy target for theft and so a shed is needed to protect the pump and equipment from theft and costs $3,000?
  • one well can cost $49,000 to $63,500?
  • shoes generate jobs for street vendors selling shoes as well as jobs for drillers, maintenance workers, and water testers?
  • clean water brings parasite free water; opportunity for improved hygiene, reduced diseases, and ability to farm the land using local water pumped in through a well?
  • return on shoes is about 50 cents a pair?

For more information or with questions, please contact Jeanne Young in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at or 977-8663.

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