Cavallo Lab Dedication

Cavallo Lab DedicationCavallo Lab DedicationThursday, July 17, 2014, the Saint Louis University Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training celebrated the legacy of Cheryl Cavallo, Ph.D., assistant professor emerita of physical therapy at Saint Louis University by dedicating Lab 1062 in her memory.

Cheryl Cavallo passed away in February 2013 after a valiant battle with breast cancer. Cavallo was a dedicated educator who found passion in her profession and educating her students with unique spirit. Mark Reinking, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training, remembers Cavallo proctoring students before their practice board exams and final exams and encouraging them to sing Christmas carols as a way of calming themselves down.

Thank you to everyone who attended the lab dedication. The evening was filled with touching words and warm memories from co-workers, friends and family. Don Highberger, SJ, blessed the lab, asking Cheryl's spirit to "haunt" the lab with lots of cleaning and organizing overnight. In addition, he asked that students and faculty alike embody Cheryl's compassionate spirit and care of patients while learning in this space. The Cheryl Cavallo Scholarship Award has been established to support students on national or international travel experiences. The three inaugural Cavallo Awardees were able to share their service experiences with those in attendance..

If you were unable to join us at the dedication but would like to remember Cheryl on this occasion by making a gift to the Cheryl L. Cavallo Memorial Fund please visit the University's giving page and follow directions shown below:

Under "Designations: Select a Fund for your gift"
Scroll to the bottom of the "General Funds" box
Find and select the "Specify a fund not listed, Other"
Then please enter "Cheryl L. Cavallo Memorial Fund"

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