DCHS Students Make Atlantic 10 Commissioner’s Honor Roll

  • Laura Bohning, Women's Softball (Investigative and Medical Sciences)
  • Caitlyn Brinkman, Women's Cross Country (Radiation Therapy)
  • Jessica Buschjost, Women's Softball (Athletic Training)
  • Lauren Fyalka, Women's Cross Country/Track and Field (Physical Therapy)
  • Kirsten Gobell, Women's Swimming/Diving (Physical Therapy)
  • Whitney Gould, Women's Swimming/Diving (Physical Therapy)
  • Courtney Lagestee, Women's Swimming/Diving (Health Sciences)
  • Kristin Massey, Women's Swimming/Diving (Physical Therapy)
  • Jose Mendez, Men's Cross Country & Track and Field (Athletic Training)
  • Erin Nakatsuka, Volleyball (Physical Therapy)
  • Hilary Orf, Women's Cross Country & Track and Field (Athletic Training)
  • Lizzy Osterman, Women's Swimming/Diving (Investigative and Medical Sciences)
  • Ethan Paster, Men's Swimming/Diving (Physical Therapy)
  • Taylor Streid, Women's Swimming/Diving (Physical Therapy)
  • Tim Zellmer, Men's Cross Country & Track and Field (Investigative and Medical Sciences)


To be listed on the Commissioner's Honor Roll, a student-athlete in an Atlantic 10-sponsored sport must have a 3.5 GPA or better (on a 4.0 scale) during the specified semester. Freshmen are eligible to receive the award.

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