Saint Louis University

The Doisy College of Health Sciences offers 12 programs for undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in health sciences. Students can receive a degree in programs with certifications to enter directly into a field or pursue pre-professional tracks for interest in attending medical or dental school or a career as a physician assistant.

All DCHS students are required to take four years of math and science courses and strongly recommended to complete at least pre-calculus.

In addition, some departments have specific requirements above those of Saint Louis University.

Any student interested in visiting can set up an appointment through the office of admissions. or for a group visit of the Doisy College of Health Sciences, contact Recruitment Specialist, at (314) 977-2570.

Athletic Training

Biomedical Laboratory Science


Health Information Management

Health Sciences

Investigative and Medical Sciences

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Nuclear Medicine

Nutrition and Dietetics

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Radiation Therapy