Saint Louis University

Sherry Bicklein, Kathy Kienstra and Michele Streb of the Saint Louis University Radiation Therapy Program

The Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapeutics received 10 masks from Orfit Industries America for the Radiation Therapy Program. The gift included multiple three-point head masks; four-point pelvic masks; and five-point head, neck and shoulders masks.

These masks are used to help patients hold still during their radiation therapy treatment, providing an immobilization system that offers sub millimeter precision to perform three-dimensional, intensity-modulated, image-guided, stereotactic, robotic and high energy radiation therapy.

Sherry Bicklein, Assistant Professor and Clinical Coordinator, said “The masks will allow the radiation therapy students the opportunity to practice the construction of immobilization materials used in patient treatments.”

The three-point head masks leave eyes, nose and mouth exposed while limiting the movement of the head, increasing patient comfort during radiation therapy. The five-point head, neck and shoulders performs similarly, but includes limiting movement in the shoulders and the four-point pelvic mask limits movement in the pelvis and abdomen.

“This gift allows hands on practice for students with actual devices used on patients in the clinic setting,” Kathy Kienstra, Radiation Therapy Program Director said. “Students can construct immobilization devices in a safe environment prior to the students’ clinical rotations.”

This gift, valued at nearly $1,000, was made possible through the work of Orfit Industries’ Regional Sales Manager Michael Nelson and SLU faculty members Kathy Kienstra, Sherry Bicklein and Michele Streb.