Nutrition and Dietetics to Inaugurate the Earth Tub at the Salus Center

Saint Louis Univeristy's Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Earth Tub for compostingThe Earth Tub comes from a $35,000 grant from the Jefferson Solid Waste Management District and increases the composting goal from the Department to 21,590. The Department, through Fresh Gatherings Café and the Salus Center kitchen, compost through the use of Earth Tubs jet composter, NatureMill composters, traditional composting and vermiculture in the garden. The Earth Tub composter will result in more than 13,500 pounds of compost annually.

The champagne toast will be held on Friday, June 27 at 10am on the east side of the Salus Center.

For more information on the Earth Tub and the composting efforts at Fresh Gatherings and the Salus Center, see or contact Chef Whitney Linsenmeyer at

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