Saint Louis University Introduces New Master of Science in Molecular Imaging and Therapeutics Degree

Doisy College of Health Sciences at Saint Louis University is thrilled to introduce a new Master of Science in Molecular Imaging and Therapeutics (MIT) degree.

"The new professional master's program will begin accepting students in fall 2012," said William Hubble, professor and chairman of the Medical Imaging and Therapeutics (MIRT) Department at Doisy College of Health Sciences at Saint Louis University. The new program will be in addition to the department's existing undergraduate degrees: nuclear medicine technology, magnetic resonance imaging and radiation therapy.

The MIT is a 4+1 bachelor's-to-master's program that enables undergraduates from the MIRT department to complete both their bachelor's and master's degrees in just five years.

The program focuses on individuals with a background in imaging and therapeutic sciences, but who also want to pursue a new area of study for educational and research purposes. The MIT is innovative in that students who graduate from the program will not only have research credentials, but will leave specializing in two disciplines of imaging and therapeutic sciences making them highly marketable and valuable to future employers.

"The era of molecular medicine is upon us, the ability to combine therapy and diagnostic imaging (theranostics) is leading to the development of a more personalized approach to determine the effectiveness of drugs and other therapies for patients suffering from a wide range of diseases," said Hubble. "Emerging technologies has led to the development of hybrid imaging and therapeutic devices to treat disease. The advancement of molecular medicine is creating a demand for graduates with expertise across imaging and therapy disciplines. This program will answer that need."

SLU is proud to be the first academic institution in the country to offer this type of degree. Hubble hopes that other universities will see how innovative SLU's MIT degree is and follow suit.

Anyone interested in applying to the program should contact the Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapeutics department at 314-977-8526 or visit

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