Thank You For Supporting Santa SLU

Santa SLU 2013

Thank you to everyone who participated in Santa SLU 2013. There were more than 100 items donated, including 10 bags of canned food, for the Christmas Thrift Shop at Kingdom House.

Kingdom House believes in transformation from the inside out. Through a variety of services, childcare, food and clothing assistance, job training, youth and teen programs and senior companions, Kingdom House helps thousands yearly to achieve self-sufficiency and gain economic independence. Sing 1902, Kingdom House has been transforming the lives of individuals in St. Louis.

The Santa SLU gifts were donated to Kingdom House’s Christmas Shop. For the families that Kingdom House helps, with some incomes as low as $300 a month, it is very difficult to afford Christmas gifts. This year, more than 600 families with children will receive gifts and food from the Christmas Shop, with the aim to strengthen their families while connecting them with the generous gifts of donors. At the Christmas Shop, each family’s head of household selects gifts for each child in the home.

The canned goods were delivered to help fill Kingdom House’s pantry shelves.

Santa SLU 2013

Santa SLU is an annual giving tradition in the Doisy College of Health Sciences, bringing students, faculty and staff together to bless the tree and help families in need during the holidays. The ornaments on the tree represent a wish from a child or adult and those who take an ornament are asked to purchase the item. Santa SLU and his reindeer, of the canine type, were on hand to greet children and attendees.

Photos from the event and delivery of the gifts can be found at

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