Volunteer for a Research Study on a Garden Wellness Program

Candace Winterbauer, RDN, LD, HFS, graduate student in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics is inviting you to participate in a gardening research study. The purpose is to research a garden wellness program in an academic environment. The research will assess changes in physical activity, fruit and vegetable consumption and the possible benefits to quality of life.

Participants should be Saint Louis University employees who work out less than five times per week (less than 150 minutes per week). Participants must be able to attend a one hour orientation meeting and a one hour gardening session per week for six weeks during the summer. The garden wellness program will include topics such as building one’s own garden, selecting plants, prepping the soil, sowing, site selection, companion growing, weeding and feeding, native selection of plants, sustainable and organic methods, harvesting and other gardening topics. Participants must also be able to complete all garden activities such as digging, pushing a wheelbarrow, weeding and planting.

The benefits to participants include increasing physical activity, improving muscle strength and flexibility, increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, and increasing quality of life. The risks to participants are minimal.

The six weekly gardening sessions will take place in the Saint Louis University urban garden on the corner of Rutger and Compton.

For more information, contact Candace Winterbauer at (513) 237-0709 or cgiuffre@slu.edu.

If you have questions about your rights as a research participant, please call the Saint Louis University Institutional Review Board at (314) 977-7744 and reference IRB #24040.

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