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Major in Early Childhood Education

Offered by Saint Louis University's School of Education

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in early childhood education
  • Minor in Catholic education
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Saint Louis University Early Childhood Education Degree Overview

Saint Louis University's undergraduate degree in early childhood education is for students who are interested in helping young children expand their minds. You will learn about the intellectual and emotional development of children eight years and younger, and explore ways to create an environment that allows all children to thrive.

SLU's early childhood education program emphasizes practical experience. Especially during your senior year, you'll spend the majority of your coursework time teaching in local public or private schools.

What You'll Learn in SLU's Early Childhood Education Program

Students majoring in early childhood education at SLU take courses in a specific sequence. The first block addresses issues related to classroom observation. You'll also study learning theory and examine schools as a social system, as well as learn about human growth and development.

The second block examines diversity in the classroom, learning styles, exceptionality and different styles of teaching. The remaining blocks are dedicated to methods of teaching subject matter areas and levels, diagnosing learning problems and developing learning activities.

Practicum experiences are required throughout the program, which culminates in a semester of courses dedicated to professional development and student teaching. You'll spend the greatest amount of time teaching in a private or public school setting during this semester.

What Can You Do With a Degree in Early Childhood Education from SLU? 

At the conclusion of this program, students complete the Praxis II, as designated by the State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and complete a program portfolio for the department.

Most graduates elect to pursue a career in teaching, but many choose to continue their studies in one of our graduate programs before entering the work force. Career options for people with an early childhood education degree include:

  • Day care specialist
  • Educational outreach professional
  • Preschool teacher
  • Teacher, kindergarten through third grade
  • Private tutor

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