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ESL Faculty

Full-Time ESL Instructors

Diana Pascoe

Diana F. Pascoe, Ph.D.
Academic Director, English as a Second Language
Ph.D., Saint Louis University
Des Peres Hall, Room 113

Diana Pascoe has Ph.D. in American Studies and an M.A. in TESOL. Dr. Pascoe started her training as a language and culture teacher in Honduras, where she worked as the Language Arts and Art teacher in a bilingual school. She also did teacher training in TEFL through the National University of Honduras. In the U.S., Dr. Pascoe has worked at various universities in ESL and EAP programs, as well as in the graduate programs for language teachers as a Methods, Translation, English Language History and Applied Linguistics teacher. She supervises the English for Academic Purposes program at Saint Louis University and has been instrumental in changing the program curriculum to one that uses sustained content-based type of instruction. She teaches the Cultural Keyword class in the summers as well as the advanced Grammar and Self-Editing classes. Currently, Dr. Pascoe is focusing on developing short teacher-training programs for EFL teachers from overseas.

Lawrence Schmidt

Larry Schmidt, Ph.D.
Oral Skills Specialist, English as a Second Language
Ph.D., University of Missouri - Columbia
Des Peres Hall, Room 113

Larry Schmidt holds a doctorate from the University of Missouri-Columbia in Theatre History/Critical and Cultural Theory. Dr. Schmidt began working at Webster University in the ESL department as the pronunciation specialist beginning in 1997. Using his expertise in Lessac theatre voice training, he has been developing pronunciation work that focuses on a type of oral grammar that works extremely well in the performance of the English language. Dr. Schmidt has worked in the EAP program at Saint Louis University for the past six years, helping to change the curriculum to stress content-based learning. He currently teaches and coordinates the pronunciation and speaking sections at SLU and is now focusing on rounding out curriculum for Western cultural understanding.

Ann Meechai

Ann Meechai, Ph.D.
Coordinator, English through Service
Reading Specialist
Ph.D., University of Kansas - Lawrence
Des Peres Hall, Room 113

Ann Meechai has a Ph.D. from the University of Kansas in Education with an emphasis in Teaching English as a Second Language and a minor in Applied Linguistics. She has more than fifteen years of experience in teaching as a second and foreign language in the U.S. and in Bangkok, Thailand. In addition to ESL language skill classes, Dr. Meechai has taught graduate courses in Intercultural Communication and Second Language Acquisition Methods as part of professional development programs for K-12 teachers from Korea and China. Currently she is expanding the service learning program to include a variety of experiences in community service. The service learning component helps integrate the international student into the core mission of the university, which is to develop leadership skills and global citizenship.

Angela Hakim

Angela Hakim
Coordinator, English Language Center
M.Ed.,  University of Missouri - St. Louis
Des Peres Hall, Room 113

Angela Hakim has a Master of Education with an emphasis in Teaching English as a Second Language. She has more than seven years of experience teaching as a second and foreign language in the U.S. and in St. Petersburg, Russia and Pachuca, Mexico. Ms. Hakim has also taught courses in Contemporary Global Issues and undergraduate courses in Intercultural Communication and Sociolinguistics as part of core coursework in education programs for K-12 teachers. In addition to teaching ESL and education courses, she is also the coordinator of the English Language Center, SLU's writing center for international students.

Part-Time ESL Instructors

Jerome Bollato
Doctoral Candidate, Language & Literacy - University of Missouri - St. Louis
M.Ed. Secondary Education - University of Missouri - St. Louis, 2012
Certification (9-12): TESOL, English, Social Studies, 2010-2011
Courses Taught: ESOL Writing, ESOL Presentation & Speaking Skills
Academic Interests: Culturally & Linguistically Responsive Teaching, Collaborative/Dialogic Inquiry

Candy K. Boyd
M.A. in TESOL, Southeast Missouri University, 2002
B.A. in Psychology/Anthropology, New College, Sarasota, FL
Lifetime MO Teaching Certificate K-12 in Spanish, TESOL, Language Arts 8-12
Courses Taught: Writing including undergraduate composition classes, exploring culture, reading, grammar, test-taking strategies
Academic Interests: Teaching American culture, cross-cultural communication, academic writing, grammar, community service, social justice, creative writing

Elizabeth Burke
M.A. in TESL, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville, 2008
Courses Taught: Writing, Reading, TOEFL Test Preparation, Spanish

Howard Chilberg
M.Ed. in English literature, Salisbury University
B.A. in English, University of Minnesota
Writing Consultant and Specialist, English Language Center
Courses Taught: EAP Composition 150 and 190 for international undergraduates

Bridget Coffey
M.A. in TESOL, Webster University
Writing Consultant for the English Language Center
Courses Taught: All levels of writing for international students

Jerry Edris
M.A.T. in TESOL, Webster University, 2009
M.A.T. in Educational Technology, Webster University, 2008
Courses Taught: Contemporary issues and professional ethics for the EAP program, reading
Interests: Content-based instruction, technology assisted language learning, task-based language learning and instruction

Maria Habboushi
Ph.D. Educational Leadership, Saint Louis University, 2015
M.A. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), 1998
Courses Taught: Writing, grammar, reading, pronunciation 

Lisieux Huelman
Ph.D. in English, Saint Louis University
M.A. in English, Saint Louis University
B.A. in English, University of Missouri - Kansas City
Courses Taught: English composition and literature courses for EAP and English departments 

Patricia Hunt
M.A. in TESOL, Southern Illinois University, 2009
Certificate in Hispanic Studies, University of Madrid, 1964 
Lifetime Teaching certificate K-12, MO, 1976 
Courses Taught: Advanced grammar, speaking skills all levels, reading, American studies Interests: Cross cultural communication, all four language skills

Megan O'Connell
M.A. in TESOL School for International Training
Courses Taught: Reading, Writing, Pronunciation and Conversation
Interests: Motivation in the ESL classroom, Intercultural Communications, Reading Strategies

Brian Ryan
B.A. English, Benedictine College
M.B.A., Saint Louis University
Adult Education and Literacy Certification, MO
Courses Taught: EAP study skills for the bridge program, reading, writing 

Matthew Ryan
M.A. in TESOL, Hunter College, 2006
TEFL Certificate, 2000
B.A. in Communications, B.A. in Philosophy, Fordham University, 1998
Courses Taught: Writing for all levels, including the undergraduate composition classes; exploring culture; reading; grammar
Interests: Teaching American culture, cross-cultural communication, academic writing, grammar

Sarah K. Schwab
M.A. in English, Saint Louis University, 2005
Ph.D.(c) in English, Saint Louis University
Courses Taught: English composition and literature classes for the EAP and English departments.

Heidi Tauschek
M.A. in Education and Innovation, Webster University, 2012
M.A.T., 2010
A.A. in TESOL, Royal College of Teaching, England, 2009
B.A. in Writing, Rhetoric and Culture; University of Puget Sound, 2003
Courses Taught: Intermediate and advanced grammar, reading, skills for academic success, composition

Administrative Staff

Natasha Mokeyeva
Administrative Secretary
Des Peres Hall 113



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