Saint Louis University

Faculty-authored books by Anne Stiles, Ruth Evans, Devin Johnston, Phyllis Weliver, and Rachel Greenwald Smith

American Literature 

Harold K. Bush, Ph.D. Professor | 19th- & 20th-Century American Literature, Historical Approaches to Literature, Mark Twain, American Spiritualities, Christianity & Literature, Grief & Trauma Studies

Vincent Casaregola, Ph.D. Professor & Director of Film Studies for the College of Arts and Sciences | 20th/21st-Century American Literature; Film and Media Studies; Rhetorical Studies; Creative Writing.

Stephen Casmier, Ph.D. Associate Professor | African American Literature, Theory & Expressive Culture, African Literature, 20th-Century American Literature

Nathan Grant, Ph.D. Associate Professor | African American Literature, Culture & Intellectual History, the Harlem Renaissance, African Diasporic Literature, Cultural Studies

Juliana Chow, Ph.D. Assistant Professor | Long 19th-Century American Literature, Literature & Science, Ecocriticism & Environmental Literature, Regionalism, Critical Theory

Rachel Greenwald Smith, Ph.D. Assistant Professor | 20th- & 21st-Century American Literature & Culture, Ecocriticism & Environmental Literature, Aesthetics, Materialism, Critical Theory

British Literature (Pre-1800)

Paul Acker, Ph.D. Professor | Old & Middle English Literature, Old Norse Literature, Critical Theory, Creative Writing, Poetry, Film

Ruth Evans, Ph.D. Professor | Chaucer, Critical Theory, Middle English Drama, Medieval Virginity, Feminist & Queer Theory & Criticism, Sexuality, Translation Theory, Literature & Technology, Textual Editing, & Cultural Memory

Antony J. Hasler, Ph.D. Associate Professor | Late Medieval & Early Modern Literature; Scottish Literature; Poetry & Translation; Critical Theory; Drama 

Donald Stump, Ph.D. Professor | 16th- & early 17th-Century English Literature, Elizabethan Court Literature, Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama, the Bible and Literature, the Classics and Literature, Renaissance Poetics

Jennifer Rust, Ph.D. Associate Professor | 16th- & 17th-Century English Literature, Shakespeare, Political Theology, Early Modern English Catholic Writing, Critical Theory

Jonathan Sawday, Ph.D. Professor | Walter J. Ong, S.J., Endowed Chair for the Humanities | Early Modern Literature; Renaissance Literature; Revolutionary Cultures; Literature, Culture & Technology

Sara van den Berg, Ph.D. Professor | Ben Jonson, Milton, 17th-Century Literature, Psychoanalytic Theory, Medicine & the Humanities

R.D. Perry, Ph.D. 2017-18 Postdoctoral Fellow | New Chaucer Society

British Literature (Post-1800)

Toby R. Benis, Ph.D. Academic Department Chairperson & Professor | British Romanticism, Women Writers of the British Romantic Period, 18th- & 19th-Century British Literature

Ellen Crowell, Ph.D. Associate Professor | Modernist Studies / Modernism in the Long 19th Century; Modern Irish Literature; Queer Theory & the History of Sexuality; Film & Media Studies

Anne Stiles, Ph.D. Associate Professor | 19th-century British & American Literature, Edwardian Literature, Gothic Novels, Literature & Science, & Medical Humanities

Joya Uraizee, Ph.D. Associate Professor | Postcolonial Literature and Theory, African Literature, Trauma Studies, Representations of Children and Violence, Postcolonial Women Writers

Phyllis Weliver, D.Phil. Professor | Victorian Literature & Culture, Music & Literature, Digital Humanities, Women's Studies, The Novel, Victorian Poetry, Life Writing

Saher Alam, M.A. Assistant Professor | Creative Writing (Fiction), 20th-Century Fiction, Contemporary Immigrant Fiction, Craft of the Short Story

Devin Johnston, Ph.D. Professor | Modernism, pastoral traditions, ecology, contemporary American and British poetry, prosody

Ted Mathys, M.F.A. Creative Writer in Residence | Poetry Writing, Screenwriting, 20th-Century & Contemporary American Poetry, Nonce Forms, Ecopoetics

Heather Bozant Witcher, Ph.D. Assistant Professor | British Long Nineteenth Century, Victorian Literature and Collaborative Writing, 19th-Century Poetics, Pre-Raphaelitism, Sympathy and Affect, Women's and Gender Studies

Rhetoric, Writing, and Technology

Paul Lynch, Ph.D. Associate Professor | Composition Pedagogy, Rhetorical Theory & History, Casuistry, Ethics & Rhetoric

Janice McIntire-Strasburg, Ph.D. Associate Professor | Computers & Writing, Mark Twain, American Literature, Native American Literature

Nathaniel Rivers, Ph.D. Associate Professor | Rhetorical Theory, Technical Writing, New Media, History of Rhetoric, Public Rhetorics, Composition Pedagogy 


Raymond Benoit (University of Oregon)  Romanticism, American Literature, Myth & Literature

Lucien Fournier (University of Notre Dame)

Ronald DiLorenzo Ph.D. (University of Utah)

Helen I. Mandeville Ph.D. (Saint Louis University)

Clarence Miller, Ph.D. (Harvard University), Renaissance Non-Dramatic Literature, Thomas More, Erasmus  

James F. Scott, Ph.D. (University of Kansas, Lawrence) 19th- & 20th-Century British Literature, Modern Drama, Media History, Film History & Criticism 

Thomas Shippey, Ph.D. (Cambridge University) Medieval Literature, Old English Arthurian & Romance Literature, Fantasy, Science Fiction 

Joe Weixlmann, Ph.D. (Kansas State University) African American Literature & Culture, Contemporary American Fiction, Ethnic American Literature, American Literature since 1865