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Normally, a B.A. in English (or at least 18 hours of successful work in upper-division courses in English) is required. Applicants with different majors who possess strong backgrounds in English and American literature also will be considered.

Program: The Master of Arts requires 30 hours of course work beyond the B.A. M.A. students, in their first semester, typically take a class in the teaching of writing, and subsequently are required to take courses in the methods of literary research and critical theory. At the conclusion of what is normally a two-year program students take a one-hour oral examination on works drawn from a list that is made available to them at the outset of their program.

Master of Arts (Thesis): The M.A. (Thesis) gives students the option of substituting a thesis for six hours of course work. Under this option students select a topic in consultation with a director, and have their completed work read by a board consisting of the director and two other faculty readers. In addition to the assessments they receive on the thesis, students would then be examined both orally both on the thesis and on the general M.A. reading list.

The M.A. or M.A. (Thesis) program is also offered at the Saint Louis University Madrid, Spain campus. Students who enroll at the Madrid campus are required to spend one semester, during the academic year or a six-week summer term, in residence at the St. Louis campus. For further information on the Madrid Campus and the M.A. program there, see

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For more information you may contact Graduate Education at; Master's Candidacy Adviser, LaToya Cash.