Saint Louis University

Department of English Writing Program

Director: Paul Lynch, Ph.D.

Assistant: Alex Ocasio


Phone:  314-977-3018

Location:  Adorjan 226

Mission of the Writing Program:

The English Department Writing Program educates students in the composing process and in the fundamentals of rhetoric. The Program provides students with a basic knowledge of the academic and public discourse required in college and in subsequent careers. It helps them to acquire critical reading and careful editing skills that are useful in their major fields of study. Finally, it helps students to enhance creativity and to sharpen the intellect through intensive practice in writing.

Goals of the Writing Program:

  • In addition to the freshman writing courses, the program offers courses in rhetoric, professional, and new media writing.
  • The Writing Program helps students learn to employ computers in the writing process. The program maintains a Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) Lab on the second floor of Des Peres Hall that all students use in their course work. The lab is open before and after course hours, offering access to software for creating and designing documents for assignments.
  • The Writing Program coordinates its services with English as a Second Language (ESL), Student Educational Services (SES), Disability Services, and the Student Success Center to ensure student access to appropriate course and support services.
  • Trains English graduate students in the fundamentals of writing pedagogy.

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