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Research Aids

One especially useful aspect of the CAI Lab is the instant access to information available on the internet. As writing instructors, we have an obligation to inform students on how to navigate the massive amount of information the internet provides and give them some tools to separate the reliable from the less than reliable:

Web Page Building

One use of the computer lab is the building of student web pages. These can be uploaded to WebCT or posted on space provided by the university. Several reasons behind building web pages in a composition class are:

  • Web pages require a great deal of attention to organization and detail, which can translate to better organized essays
  • Web pages are written for different audiences, so things such as concise thoughts and word economy come heavily into play
  • Hypertext includes pictures, fonts, links, background images, and many other aspects that are absent or less important in traditional writing, which can lead to interesting discussions about the role of media in communication
  • Students can be grouped to create different communities of web sites on a topic
  • Students can be grouped to create one web site, which teaches many of the intrapersonal skills required in future careers
  • Copyright and intellectual property becomes a huge concern and a discussion about plagiarism is sure to ensue
  • They're fun, personal, different, and there is no way they can be written at 3am the night before.

For information on organizing and posting sites within Saint Louis University, please click here.