Saint Louis University


Registar Organization Chart

The Office of the University Registrar maintains the official academic records for Saint Louis University, including course registrations, grade transcripts and diplomas. It administers institutional academic policies and procedures related to said records. Classroom scheduling, operational student reporting and student information system training/access are also coordinated through the Office of the University Registrar, along with the ERM Testing Center. 


The Office of the University Registrar will support the core values and mission of Saint Louis University and the Division of Enrollment and Retention Management by facilitating the smooth transition of students from matriculation to graduation and serving the non-student community through ensuring adherence to academic and university policy, preserving academic and data integrity, safeguarding academic and customer records, and providing accessible and reliable administrative services.


The Office of the University Registrar strives to meet the diverse needs of students, faculty, administration, alumni and the community by providing efficient services in a courteous, fair and equitable manner.

ERM Testing Center

The Testing Center provides convenient opportunities for students to take essential standardized qualifying examinations. Saint Louis University is a national test center for the following computer-based tests: GRE, TOEFL, CLEP, MoGEA and MAT. The center also provides opportunities to take a number of standardized tests in conventional paper format, including the GED and CBASE.

Office of Clinical Education Compliance

The Office of Clinical Education Compliance coordinates the procurement of criminal background checks for Saint Louis University. This includes serving the academic departments requiring students to gain field experience with external partners through clinical study and practicum experiences. This also includes all new faculty/staff hired at Saint Louis University as part-time, full-time and summer employees/volunteers.

Registrar Fast Facts

  • The Office of the University Registrar awards approximately 3,500 diplomas to SLU graduates each year.
  • Forty-five thousand transcripts requests are received per year from former Saint Louis University students.
  • The Office of the University Registrar supports the faculty and students in 3,500 courses.

About Jay Haugen

University Registrar

Jay Haugen became the University Registrar in December 2010. Mr. Haugen is a longtime Billiken; he has been a Saint Louis University employee since he completed his undergraduate studies in mathematics and theology at Saint Louis University. In 2008, he earned his Master of Business Administration from the John Cook School of Business and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education Administration.

Prior to serving as the University Registrar, Jay served as director of enrollment management information systems. In that role, Jay standardized the student daily reporting and completed numerous process improvement projects.  Jay began his career at Saint Louis University in the office of student financial services as a senior information specialist and later became their technology coordinator.

In addition to his duties in the enrollment and retention management division, Jay serves on numerous University-wide committees that afford him opportunities to collaborate with faculty and staff from every corner of the campus.