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Research and Reporting Council

The Research and Reporting Council (RRC) is to provide data analysis, reliable reports and policy recommendations to the SEM Executive Steering Committee on matters pertaining to student recruitment, admissions, financial aid, student persistence and other issues related to enrolling and graduating the desired student body at SLU. The efforts of this council will focus on developing strategies that will enhance data collection, reporting and analysis efforts focused on meeting the University's goals for undergraduate and graduate students.

Meeting Schedule:
The Research and Reporting Council holds 90-minute meetings on the second week of each month, excluding January, June and July. A SEM data and research review presentation with Q&A session is scheduled for the third week of each month.

The co-chairs will rotate leadership of the council. The lead chair position will rotate in August of each year.

Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs (co-chair)
Director of the Office of Institutional Research (co-chair)
Registrar (co-chair)
Academic Dean
Academic Department Chair
Faculty Member with special interest in Student Data Analysis
Assistant Vice President for Student Development
Director Marketing and Communications – University Marketing
Faculty Senate Representatives (2)
SGA Student Representative
GSA Student Representative
Director of Strategic Planning & Assessment, Student Development
Associate Director – Student Financial Services
Associate Director – Data Specialist
Program Coordinator International Services
SLU Madrid Representative
Institutional Research Data Manager
Mission and Ministry Representative

Annual Activities:
The RRC serves in an advisory role to the SEM Executive Steering Committee in the following ways:

Ongoing Review best practices, enrollment assessment reporting and research on the impact of recruitment and retention initiatives.
Ongoing Analyze market, recruitment and retention research and update the SEM reporting and assessment portfolio.
Ongoing Identify research and reports needed to support the SEM plan and goals.
Ongoing Recommend recruitment and retention policies or practices to the Recruitment Council, Retention and Student Success Council and/or the SEM Executive Steering Committee.
SEPT. Review and update the SEM reporting and assessment portfolio.
OCT. Develop and update enrollment projection and capacity models.
NOV. Receive Retention council and committee updates and research requests. set initiative evaluation plan (three–five per academic year).
DEC. Update and review environmental scan and market data for recruitment.
FEB. Update and review re-enrollment and registration reports.
MARch Receive Recruitment council and committee updates and research requests. set initiative evaluation plan (three–five per academic year).
APRil Receive New research updates and committee reports/requests.
MAY Develop Annual report.
JUNe Provide an annual report of the council's activities and the university's progress in meeting recruitment, retention, student success and graduation goals.


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