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Retention and Student Success Council


The purpose of the Retention and Student Success Council (RSSC) is to examine issues and challenges of student retention and persistence to graduation. The efforts of this council will focus on assessing plans and actions for the student experience and advancing opportunities that will have a direct impact on students progressing to their second and third year at the University, thereby improving student graduation rates at Saint Louis University. The RSSC will define Saint Louis University's student retention strategies and persistence solutions consistent with the objectives in SLU's strategic plan.

Meeting Schedule:
The Retention and Student Success Council holds 90-minute meetings on the second week of each month, excluding January, June and July. A SEM data and research review presentation with Q&A session is scheduled for the third week of each month.

The co-chairs will rotate leadership of the council. The lead chair position will rotate in August of each year.

Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Education (co-chair)
Assistant Vice President and Director of Student Financial Services (co-chair)
Assistant Vice President for Student Development (co-chair)
Vice President Enrollment and Retention Management
Chair of Faculty Mentoring Committee
Chair of Advising Leadership Committee/Director of Student Success & Academic Support
Academic Dean Representative
Academic Department Chair representative
Faculty senate representatives (3-6)
Director of Academic Marketing
SGA Student Representative
GSA Student Representative
Director of Academic Services, Athletics
Scholarship coordinator
Associate Director of Admission
Associate Registrar
Madrid Representative
ESL Program Director
Mission and Ministry Representative
Chair of the University Libraries Student Retention and Success Committee
Research Analyst for Undergraduate Education Office of Institutional Research

Annual Activities:
The RSSC serves in an advisory role to the SEM Executive Steering Committee in the following ways:

Ongoing Analyze the potential for resolution given current resources, in partnership with the stakeholders.
Ongoing Identify the stakeholders needed to contribute to the resolution of the persistence barriers.
Ongoing Recommend potential solutions to identified persistence barriers.
SEPT. Review and share regular reports with the SEM Executive Steering Committee, University Strategic Planning Committee, SEM Councils, Faculty Senate, SGA, GSA and Staff Advisory Council.
OCT. Recommend budget resources and/or reallocations needed to address identified resolutions and resources and/or reallocations.
NOV. Receive Committee updates and review fall census.
DEC. Review student success data and assessments with regard to student retention and graduation.
FEB. Financial aid awarding plan review and spring census review.
MARch Identify specific problem areas with regard to student retention and graduation, develop recommendations for addressing problems and request additional reports and/or assessments.
APRil Develop and update the research and assessment plan for monitoring and improving student retention and graduation rates.
MAY Receive Committee updates and Develop annual report.
JUNE Provide an annual report of the council's activities and progress in meeting recruitment targets.


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