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SEM Executive Steering Committee

The purpose of the Strategic Enrollment Management Executive Steering Committee (SEMESC) is to discuss, monitor and evaluate all aspects relating to the recruitment, retention, graduation and support of students at Saint Louis University. This committee is an advisory group to the president and the University Strategic Planning Committee. The SEMESC is charged with achieving our institution's desired enrollment in terms of quantity, diversity, quality, persistence and student success.

The committee provides oversight and communication with executive staff regarding core SEM functions that include: long-term enrollment goal setting, integrated marketing and recruiting strategy development, securing the approval of strategies through appropriate institutional channels, and ensuring the execution of retention strategies and services that support a seamless student enrollment cycle, from K-12 outreach to pre-admission of prospective students and post-graduation of enrolled students. A primary function of the committee is to review and evaluate University policies and procedures and to recommend changes consistent with the University's mission, strategic plan goals and the financial necessities of the University.

Meeting Schedule:
The SEMESC meets four times each year for two-hours and as needed. The regular schedule is:

  • First week of October: Review fall enrollment and retention achievements, graduating senior satisfaction survey data, and market trends and outline goals for the next fiscal year and the budget planning process.
  • Second week of December: Review post-Dec. 1 admission trends, previous year's competitor analysis, retention audit findings, financial aid strategy for new class and pre-college offerings for upcoming summer and prepare final enrollment goals for Board of Trustees.
  • Second week of February: Finalize financial aid awarding strategy for March packaging and review fall-to-spring persistence rates and admission trends.
  • Second week of May: Review post-May 1 confirmations and housing availability and review updates on marketing plans, new student orientation and pre-college programs.
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Vice President of Student Development
Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Business and Finance
Vice President of University Advancement
Vice President of Enrollment and Retention Management (Chair)
Faculty Senate President
President of the Student Government Association (SGA)
Co-Chairs of the Recruitment Council (3), the Retention and Student Success Council (3) and the Research and Reporting Council (3), Academic Deans (3), Academic Department Chairs (1-3)

Annual Activities:

  • Aligning enrollment practices with SLU's strategic plan goals, mission and desired student profile.
  • Guiding the development of a strategic recruitment plan to include branding and marketing, segmentation of target populations, establishment of target recruitment territories, and integration with the division of Academic Affairs and the University's strategic plans/goals.
  • Aligning recruitment, admissions, orientation, advising and retention practices.
  • Utilizing University-based aid to support enrollment goals.
  • Reviewing policies, procedures and strategies advanced by the Research and Reporting, Recruitment and Retention and Student Success Councils, along with the associated committees.


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