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Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM)

The Division of Enrollment and Retention Management is committed to supporting Saint Louis University’s Catholic, Jesuit mission and to meeting its enrollment goals.

By utilizing a best practices approach along with supportive technologies in all of our endeavors, we strive to continually improve our processes to create a better experience for all we serve. In collaboration with the academic and student development enterprises, we seek to create an environment where students from throughout the nation and the world can be successful in their life-long academic, personal and spiritual pursuits.

SLU’s Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) plan is intended to provide a comprehensive approach to integrating all of the University’s programs, practices, policies, and planning related to achieving the optimal recruitment, retention and graduation of our students. 

SEM Values

We will be a mission-centric, high-performance culture that values its people and community. We will translate mission into actions that bring distinction within the context of these themes:

  • Service: We are a student-centered community. When we establish policies, make decisions or take actions, we do so with the students’ best interests in mind.
  • Excellence: We look for opportunities to exceed the expectations of those we serve through efficient and effective processes. We seek continuous improvement.
  • Integrity: We conduct ourselves in a truthful, moral and honorable fashion. We maintain compliance and confidentiality standards.
  • Teamwork: We respect our staff, faculty and administration as we work together for the common good. We actively strive to enhance collaboration within the University and our communities by building healthy and supportive partnerships.
  • Learning: We are committed to student success. We seek continual learning opportunities and self-improvement through training and engagement and strive to add value with data-informed decisions.
  • Respect: We seek and support diversity in our programs and participants. We value the ideas and needs of internal and external constituents.

SEM Undergraduate Objectives and Targets

  • Increase the academic profile of freshman class.
  • Increase diversity of undergraduate student body.
  • Maintain a strong Catholic student population.
  • Optimize University service capacities to limit tuition and fee increases.
  • Increase student persistence and success levels equal to the fourth quartile of leading U.S. national universities.

SEM Data Open Forums

As part of SLU's Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) plan, the Division of Enrollment and Retention Management will host a series of regularly scheduled discussions on campus each month to discuss topics such as data and research, recruitment strategies, enrollment goals and success rates at Saint Louis University.

This forum was created in order to help disseminate information across the University as well as gather feedback from stakeholders. All Saint Louis University students, faculty and staff are encouraged to attend.

SEM Data and Research Review 

Event Details: Meetings are held from 3-4:30 p.m. in DuBourg Hall, Room 117.

Topic Schedule 2018-19

October 18: New Student Profile and fall census summary recruitment yield analyses.
February 7: Fall-spring persistence analysis and financial aid, scholarship and annual SFS report.
March 14: Student success program update and summer studies update.
April 18: Developing academic communication plans and special populations recruitment update.
May 16: Pre-College and Access initiatives, Student Educational Services/Billiken Success program/TRIO updates, and 1818 program review.