eWeb's Mission
In short eWeb's mission is Entrepreneurship For All (e4all) - To deliver and develop world-class entrepreneurship education for everyone. Whether you are a student, already an entrepreneur, or hoping to become (or help) either, eWeb is here to get you the resources that can help you do your best.

eWeb's History
eWeb is sponsored by Jerome Katz, the Coleman Foundation Chair in Entrepreneurship, Cook School of Business, Saint Louis University. Started in 1994 as a gopher (called EGOPHER), eWeb went online in late 1995. Since then, it has grown to be linked to over 700 sites worldwide, including the small business government support agencies of most of the English-speaking world. Although primarily targeted at the needs of entrepreneurship students and faculty, eWeb has won awards for its usefulness to entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneurship academics.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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