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At Saint Louis University we believe that one of the best ways for students to develop a real-world orientation and gain traction for their ideas in the real-world is through competition. And feedback and prize money doesn't hurt either! We support a variety of of competitions such as:

  • Bright Ideas Grants - SLU's social venture competition
  • SLU/BAN Business Plan Competition - Our biggest competition, requires a complete business plan to enter.
  • Diamond in the Rough - Our newest competition, showcases, awards and supports student entrepreneurs already at SLU.
  • GSEA - The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, a truly international student entrepreneur competition, started at SLU and now run by the Entrepreneurs Organization.
  • I2P- Idea to Product - SLU's new idea competition, which only requires a two-page initial submission. Part of the Global I2P Competition based out of the University of Texas.
  • iChallenge- a video-based elevator pitch competition hosted by Parks College of Engineering.  For further information contact Sridhar Condoor (email)
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