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 I2P MO-IL2011-2012 Idea to Product® Competition

Thank you to our sponsors: KEEN: Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network, The Coleman Foundation, Regional Commerce and Growth Association and various Saint Louis University departments: Office of Research Services, Billiken Angel Network and Entrepreneurship Program.

Saint Louis University I2P Competition

The first competition level at Saint Louis University was held November 11-12, 2011. SLU students competed before a panel of judges for the top five entries eligible to submit to the next level, the Regional Competition.   Winners were:

1st Place: Sonograb (Foreign Body Removal Tool)
Patrick Andrus, Ginny Foster, Krishi Peddada

Handheld detection technology with an easy-to-use tool that can track the object continuously as the surgeon moves through the body.  

2nd Place: Parental Control Application
Joshua Bradley

An application that allows parents to monitor and control their children's and teen's usage of their smart phones in real time right from their own phone.

3rd Place: Fleurella
Abby Geniec, Megan Depew-Brady, Emily M. Rorke

An innovative design of the classical umbrella, designed to open and close reversibly from the standard umbrella.

4th Place: ECOtainer
Robert Caruso, Jacob Haegele, Gregory Keogh

The ECOTAINER is a portable color-coded waste collection container that makes it easy for venues to responsibly clean up after events.

5th Place:  Coupons for Introverts
Tom Mooney

An online coupon site where users will register for household electronic and computer products that they are interested in purchasing as part of a wish list.

Missouri-Illinois Regional I2P Competition

The MO-IL Regional I2P Competition was held March 2-3, 2012. Ideas from participating universities in the two-state region competed as well as participating KEEN schools.  The top six ideas are as follows:


1st Place:  Saturnis

Daniel Garcia and Mike Gidding, Washington University

One of the great challenges of the twenty-first century will be to provide affordable transportation fuels in a secure and sustainable manner. Saturnis was founded to commercialize a technology that addresses this challenge.

2nd Place:  Sonograb

Patrick Andrus, Saint Louis University

Handheld detection technology with an easy-to-use tool that can track the object continuously as the surgeon moves through the body.

3rd Place:  Transplant Without Donors

Eleni Antoniadou and Michael McCarty, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Transplants Without Donors provides an alternative life-saving therapy which is based on the creation of artificial organs from the patient's own stem cells and biomaterials, which are fully functional, biocompatible, and have 0% chance of immune rejection.

4th Place:  Red Rock Laboratories, LLC

Natalie A. LaFranzo and Matthew Macewan, Washington University

Red Rock Laboratories, LLC has engineered the first automated Functional Assessment Station (FASt) for small laboratory animals. The FASt system offers a customizable platform for automated assessment of muscle force production, nerve conduction, myoelectric response, etc. in a variety of small laboratory animal models, thereby offering researchers significant cost and time savings.

5th Place:  Biodynamic Brace

Brittany Weida, Jonathan Yu, Meagan Musselman and Ruth Osbrink, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

This is a low cost, comfortable and durable design of an active knee brace that will assist users in standing from a seated position without disrupting their regular walking pattern.

6th Place:  Dream Saver

Jhobany Tortolero. Terra Donley, Christopher King, David Kanda, Catherine Kerns and Kenny Johnson, Gonzaga University

Using a wireless ear bud alarm, Dream Saver is a pair of small, comfortable, in-ear headphones that are regulated and controlled via a cellphone application to serve as a personal alarm clock.

The first place winner is eligible to submit to present at the Global Competition in Stockholm, Sweden in November 2012.  Additional information on the global level can be found by clicking here.

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