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  I2P MO-IL       2012-2013 Idea to Product® Competition

Thank you to our sponsors: KEEN: Kern Entrepreneurship  Education Network, The Coleman Foundation, Regional Commerce and Growth Association and various Saint Louis University departments: Office of Research Services, Billiken Angel Network and Entrepreneurship Program.

Saint Louis University I2P Competition

The first competition level at Saint Louis University was held November 16-17, 2012. SLU students competed before a panel of judges for the top five entries eligible to submit to the next level, the Regional Competition.   Winners were:

1st Place: Final Element Analysis for SketchUp
Gregory Keogh and Thomas Combs, Parks College of Engineering, Aviation & Technology

Product combines the technical capability of professional analysis software with the straightforward and user‐friendly environment that has attracted over 70 million SketchUp users to date.

Tie for Second Place went to:

2nd Place: DiAT-Diabetic Insulin Athletic Trainer
Patrick Riordan and Patrick Andrus, Parks College of Engineering, Aviation & Technology

The DiAT, or "Diabetic Athletic Trainer", is a smartphone application designed to help diabetics maintain healthy glucose levels while still enjoying an active lifestyle.


2nd Place: Therm-Aways
Kevin Erickson, Cook School of Business, MBA Program

 Therm-­Aways are a combination of two already existing products in the clothing industry.  These two items are thermal underwear bottoms (long johns) and tear-­away athletic pants..


4th Place: Virtual Shoe Market
April Tobben, Cook School of Business, MBA Program

Virtual Shoe Market is a business-to-business website and mobile application that connects
retail buyers with wholesale vendors in the footwear industry.

5th Place:  Flux
Keegan Faudree, Robert Caruso, Mary K. Jennerhjohn, Brittany Kendrick, Kendra Patton, and Becky Mitrovich, Parks College of Engineering, Aviation & Technology

Flux is an integrated natural lighting solution that channels sunlight into a building and distributes it to all rooms without sacrificing the style or convenience of traditional light fixtures.

Missouri-Illinois Regional I2P Competition

The MO-IL Regional I2P Competition was held on Saint Louis University's campus on April 5-6, 2013   The first place winner will be eligible to submit to present at the Global Competition in November 2013  Additional information on the global level can be found by clicking here.  The top four winners were:

1st place: Samambu LLC
Darya Ivankina, Alex Stiles, Mauro Leos, Yi Lu- Illinois Institute of Technology

Samambu LLC is eliminating the world's dependence on fossil fuels. Samambu produces, markets, and distributes Abhadi TM, a highly durable nonwoven bamboo fiber mat for use in composites.

2nd place: Violet Cane
Robert Morrison and Tom Lord- Illinois Institute of Technology

Helps visually impaired individuals to navigate their environment more easily by displaying the location of obstacles up to 4 m away on the user's torso with a grid of small vibration devices called tactors.

3rd place: The Baby Sounds Alert Monitoring System
Agnieszka Baczek, Megan Christenson, Tom Golak, Sydney Williams, Marta Wlodarczyk- Illinois Institute of Technology

The Baby Sounds Alert Monitoring System addresses the need for a rapid alert system for heart and lung sounds monitoring in real-time. It would provide neonatologists with fast, comprehensible and quantitative information about the infants' heart and lung functions and drastically improve the development and quality of life for neonates worldwide.

4th place: E-Cat
Yusheng He, An le, Tim Bryski, Roy Chon, Patrick Grandt-Illinois Institute of Technology

One of the most crucial tools required for the care of premature infants is the ability to quickly and accurately acquire data on blood metabolite concentrations. The E-Cat is our solution to these problems, utilizing double lumen PICC lines that provide a secondary line used to extract blood samples proximal to the insertion site.

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