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Entrepreneurship Infrastructure


  • Chair List: Properly called the "eWeb List of Endowed Positions in Entrepreneurship and Related Fields" it is the profession's definitive listing of endowed professorships and chairs. The homepage for the List gives some insights on recent trends in endowed positions.
  • College List: A listing of the 200+ colleges with majors in entrepreneurship, with hotlinks to the webpages of the major programs.
  • Professional Organization List: What ARE the professional organizations in entrepreneurship and related fields? The list might not be comprehensive, but its a start.
  • Doctoral Program List: The web's only listing of schools offering the PhD in Entrepreneurship, as well as a listing of schools offering PhDs in other areas, but having a strong entrepreneurship focus in their graduates. 
  • Core Publications List: This is a listing of the academic journals and popular magazines in the field.
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