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Publish or perish is the name of the game in Entrepreneurship as it is in other fields of academia. Fortunately, there are a tremendous number of outlets available. Some of the ones I am more directly involved with are given below. Please feel free to contact me regarding publishing in these outlets.

Advances in Entrepreneurship,Firm Emergence and Growth  
Edited by Jerome A. Katz Department of Management, Saint Louis University and
Dean Shepherd Department of Entrepreneurship, Indiana University

Volume 12,Entrepreneurship and Family Business, 2009

Volume 11, Entrepreneurial Strategic Content, 2008

Volume 10, Entrepreneurial Strategic Processes, 2007

Volume 9, Entrepreneurship: Frameworks and Empirical Investigations from Forthcoming Leaders of European Research, 2006

Volume 8, International Entrepreneurship, 2005

Volume 7, Corporate Entrepreneurship, 2004

Volume 6, Cognitive Approaches, 2003

Volume 5, Human Resource Management, 2002

Volume 4, Databases, 2001

Volume 3, Approaches to Entrepreneurship, 1998

Volume 2, 1996

Volume 1, 1992

Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth provides an annual examination of the major current research, theoretical, and methodological efforts in the field of entrepreneurship, and its related disciplines of small business, family business, and population ecology, as well as firm growth and emergence research. The series also publishes papers from other fields, such as business policy, organizational behavior, or sociology which use entrepreneurial samples or make a contribution to entrepreneurial theory or research.

The papers in this series reflect many state-of-the-art topics and approaches, and are written by leading researches in the field, making each volume an important source of information for virtually all entrepreneurship researchers. In addition, each volume contains one or more methodological articles which provide all the necessary instruments and methodological details to permit readers to use the approach in their own work. Nevertheless, all the articles in Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth are written to be accessible to an audience of researchers and advanced graduate students from fields other than entrepreneurship. This is done by providing greater detail in the background, development, and implementation of ideas than is possible in journal articles.

Contact Information Jerome A. (Jerry) Katz, Series Editor Cook School of Business, Department of Management, Saint Louis University, 3674 Lindell Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63108. Phone: 314-275-8721; Fax: 314-275-7513. Email: or see .

Green, Richard P. and Carroll, James J. (2000). Investigating Entrepreneurial Opportunities A Practical Guide for Due Diligence.

Meyer, G. Dale and Heppard, Kurt A. (2000). Entrepreneurship As Strategy: Competing on the Entrepreneurial Edge.

Douglas, Evan J. and Shepherd, Dean A. (1998). Attracting equity investors: positioning, preparing and presenting the business plan.  

Shepherd, Dean A. and Shanely, Mark (1998). New venture strategy: timing environmental uncertainty, and performance.

Gundry, Lisa K. and Buchko, Aaron A. (1996). Field casework: methods for consulting to small and startup businesses.

Sage Publications has a series of brief books focusing on issues in entrepreneurship and the management of small, growing and emerging firms. Intended as a supplement to existing undergraduate and graduate texts in entrepreneurship and small business Sage's series in "Entrepreneurship and the Management of Growing Enterprises" (EMGE), provides accessible, up-to-date information on leading-edge and specialized ideas concerning the creation and management of businesses.

Contact Information Jerome A. (Jerry) Katz, Series Editor School of Business & Administration, Department of Management, Saint Louis University, 3674 Lindell Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63108. Phone: 314-275-8721; Fax: 314-275-7513. Email: 

It is always possible that you need different types of outlets for your work. I've included two lists that give you the rundown on publication outlets and on conferences. You might want to read the "List of Journals" piece, since it contains a rundown on publishing options in entrepreneurship.
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