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Research Topics

There are three major directions research has taken among the entrepreneurship group at Saint Louis University. These include bankruptcy prediction via benchmarking, the technology conceptualizations of owners , and international entrepreneurship and the Internet.

For the rundown on the complexity theory approach, which has considered issues of geographic dispersion, human resource retention, and sampling frame development, click here . I am also working on a piece looking at consolidation, primarily from a teaching perspective. The draft is available here . For the other papers, look below.

Benchmarking and Mortality Risk

  • Guithues-Amrhein, D. and Katz, J.A. (1999). Assessing The Mortality Risk Of a Business. Journal of Enterprising Culture.

  • Guithes-Amrhein, D. and Katz, J. A. (1998). Cash flow as a factor in the mortality risk of a business. Proceedings 43rd ICSB World Conference "Entrepreneurship at the Threshold of the 21st Century". June 9.

Technology Conceptualizations by Small Business Owners

  • Development And Validation Of The Gismo-A: A Guttman-Like Index For The Sequence And Merchandising Of Office Automation (1993) by Jerome Katz and Paul Boughton.
  • Innovation Strategy and Business Strategy in E-Businesses (2001) by Jerome Katz (Saint Louis University) and Denny Dennis (National Federation of Independent Business).
  • Presented at the 2001 Babson-Kauffman Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Jonkoping, Sweden.

International Perspectives on E-Commerce and the Internet (you can also check here )

  • Katz, J.A. and Safranski, S. (In press). Standardization in the midst of innovation: structural implications of the Internet for SMEs. The Futures Journal.

  • Katz, J.A. [Key contributor] (2001). World Employment Report , Chapter on Information Technologies and SMEs. Geneva: ILO.

  • Katz, J.A. (2000). Small business and ICT. Report done for the International Labor Organization.

  • Kundu, S., Zhao, H. and Katz, J. (2000). Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Evidence From Developing Countries. (Report done for the International Labor Organization).

  • Kundu, S. K. and Katz, J.A. (2000). The Internationalization of Small Firms: An Empirical Study of the Indian Software Industry. McGill Conference on International Entrepreneurship. Montreal Canada, September 22.

  • Katz, J.A. (2000). ICT and BDS: Current Situation and Future Trends. Presented at the First Annual Conference on BDS and Information and Communication Technologies. International Labor Organization/ United Nations. Turin, Italy, September 4.

  • Katz, J.A. (2000). This Changes Everything? Implications of E-Commerce For Entrepreneurship Research. Keynote address at the 10th Annual Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development Conference, Manchester, England, April 11.

  • Katz, J.A. (1999). Distance Consulting: Potentials and Pitfalls in Using the Internet to Deliver Business Development Services to SMEs . International Conference On Building A Modern And Effective Development Services Industry For Small Enterprises. Committee of Donor Agencies for Small Enterprise Development Coordinated by the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, And the ILO. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 3, 1999.

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