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Ph.D. Programs in Entrepreneurship

Revised: 5/12/16


The list below gives the names of universities in North America and Europe which have a program or one or more doctoral level students in entrepreneurship, small business, family business, SME studies, or related fields. The list tries to cover those schools which have (1) one or more faculty whose primary area of research is entrepreneurship AND who have doctoral teaching or training responsibility and (2) one or more doctoral-level students currently doing research in entrepreneurship or an established track record of doctoral student graduates with a specialization in entrepreneurship. The list below offers over two dozen institutions which have met the above criteria. Note that the 2008-9 AACSB's Survey of Member Schools listed 35 AACSB accredited schools with doctoral programs (down from 81 in 2002), and there are probably twice that number of unaccredited schools offering doctorates. Its helpful to keep in mind that doctoral opportunities in entrepreneurship occur in three forms:

  • Of the schools listed there are now 36 (up from 12 in 2002) that have formal, organized programs in entrepreneurship.

  • In the second approach, offer a doctorate in a conventional area, but provide support through research, classes, faculty, or infrastructure for students to specialize their research and teaching in entrepreneurship.

  • The third approach exists in almost any school with a Ph.D. offered in business. In these schools a student can arrange to specialize in entrepreneurship. Most often this is done by means of an individualized major - a one-time program contracted by the student with the school. Such schools are not listed.

Although we remain keenly interested in doctoral education, SLU is not on this list. While the Cook School of Business offers a Ph.D., it is in the area of International Business and Marketing, and does not offer a way to get a specialization in Entrepreneurship.

Schools With Organized Programs (and nature of degree offered with hotlinks where possible)

Schools With Doctoral Students in Entrepreneurship

  • Boston U.

  • Cincinnati

  • Georgia Tech

  • Harvard 

  • Maryland

  • Minnesota 

  • Mississippi State

  • NYU

  • North Carolina


  • Penn State

  • Purdue

  • Rutgers - Newark

  • South Carolina

  • SUNY- Buffalo

  • Tennessee 

  • Texas A&M

  • Texas Tech

  • UCLA

  • USC [California]

  • Wisconsin - Madison

The List: History and Contact Information

The first list of Ph.D. Programs in Entrepreneurship was distributed on paper by Harold Welsch of DePaul University. An early version of the list was posted to EGOPHER, and has since 1991 been maintained by Jerry Katz

at Saint Louis University. This revision of the list benefitted from contributions from Daan Hsu, who is pursuing a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship at Syracuse University and Daniel Chun pursuing his Ph.D. at Lancaster and Ege Imiren.

Individuals with questions, comments or additions please contact:

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