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The Coleman Fellows are faculty from across the campus at Saint Louis University who are infusing their courses and academic programs with entrepreneurship training and education for their students. Following the idea of the Foundation, they promote entrepreneurship as self-employment through business ownership which has significant elements of risk, control and reward. The Foundation awards grants to Fellows to develop and deploy these entrepreneurship materials, and offers several venues where the faculty can share and promote their efforts. These include:

  • Coleman Fellows' Pre-Conference Programs before the annual Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization ( or Self-Employment in the Arts ( conferences and
  • Monthly Coleman Fellows Coffee Cup Webinars.

Today there are more than 200 Fellows at more than two dozen campuses across the US. They represent nearly every discipline found in the modern university. SLU's own Fellows and their first years in the program are given below:

You can also learn more about the program by visiting its website at

Purpose and Rationale

The purpose of the Fellows program is to continue the development of The Coleman Foundation Entrepreneurship Fellows Network; a community of practice comprised of cross-campus champions of entrepreneurship education; and support emerging entrepreneurs. Towards this goal, the Coleman Foundation intends to fund Fellowships to enhance the teaching and practice of entrepreneurship in the academic and community settings. Coleman Fellows will advance entrepreneurship and self-employment education and strengthen Project Director's efforts to institutionalize entrepreneurship and support the growth of emerging entrepreneurs.

Becoming a Coleman Fellow

Any SLU faculty on the Frost or Medical campus is eligible to apply for the Fellowship. Fellows receive $5000 for the school year to develop and implement (in close collaboration with Project Director Jerome Katz) projects which advance self-employment education and strengthen the Project Director's efforts to grow Entrepreneurship education across campus. The Foundation expects that Fellows will maintain an ongoing connection to the Entrepreneurship program at their university. The kinds of activities typical of Fellows include:

  • Creating modules on entrepreneurship (i.e. self-employment) related topic to include in existing courses at undergraduate or graduate levels. SLU examples have been modules on contracting and intellectual property protection for fine arts students, invention commercialization in engineering courses, and marketing and pricing modules for food products in Nutrition & Dietetics courses.  
  • Creating new courses that embody significant material on entrepreneurship and self-employment, such as a capstone course where Doctor of Nursing Practice candidates create a business plan.
  • Creating new experiential or co-curricular activities that embody and promote entrepreneurial thought and action among students, including programs providing quality time with business owners, mentorships, internships, incubation/acceleration efforts, entrepreneur alumni engagement, entrepreneurs-in-residence, opportunities to practice applied skills, clubs, outreach to St. Louis' entrepreneurial ecosystem (e.g. T-Rex, CIC, Venture Cafe, etc.). Campus examples include the Weekly Innovation Challenge, the Elevator Pitch Competition, and the Tinker Lab.
  • Developing new academic programs, majors, minors or degrees such as the undergraduate program in Food, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, or graduate programs in Culinary Entrepreneurship or Entrepreneurship Law.

If you have ideas for a Fellowship, please first contact the Fellows Program Director, Jerome (Jerry) Katz by email ( or phone (977-3864) to discuss. Final submissions require only one paragraph from the prospective Fellow explaining what will be done, and an email of support from their department chair or dean. Both are due by Friday, March 25, 2016. Please note the participation requirements for all Fellows below.

If Your Are A Coleman Fellow

Prior of current Coleman Fellows are invited to submit for Veteran Fellow Status for the 2016-17 school year. Veteran Fellows receive $2000 for the year to refine, extend, or continue their work related to entrepreneurship and self-employment. Pervious Fellows can also be considered for a new $5000 award if they are undertaking a major new effort related to self-employment in their programs. If you have suggestions for new Fellows, please let Jerry know and encourage them to apply. All submissions need to be in by Firday, March 25, 2016.

Coleman Entrepreneurs in Residence (CER's):

A new component being added to the 2016 - 2017 fellows program is the development of a network of Coleman Entrepreneurs In Residence, (CER's). The objective of adding CER's is to establish a deliberate pathway for entrepreneurs to engage with the fellows program. Project Directors are expected to take advantage of this new feature to bring entrepreneurs on campus and provide them official and legitimate access to faculty fellows and emerging student entrepreneurs and thus co-teaching, mentoring and develop new prospects. Project Directors will field proposals from local and alumni entrepreneurs to work with faculty fellows and students as entrepreneurs in residence designated as ‘Coleman Entrepreneurs in Residence' (CER's). CER's will have a proven record of self-employment and main street entrepreneurship and should be willing to mentor fellows and emerging student entrepreneurs in the community of practice. CER's will work with fellows and project directors to develop experiential curriculum elements to add real world entrepreneurship learning opportunities to students in the fellows program. Such individuals should demonstrate a willingness to contribute time, energy, and effort and support the fellows program. Selected CER's will be invited to participate in the Fellows 2016 Summit in Illinois. (The foundation will provide reasonable transportation; room and board support to CER's to attend the summit). The intent is for project directors to use this opportunity to reach successful entrepreneurs in the community and intentionally engage them with the fellows program on their campuses. Participation as a CER will require attendance and participation in the monthly coffee hours, willingness to compare notes, share knowledge, expertise and help support/promote a nationwide collaborative entrepreneurial eco system and develop emerging entrepreneurs. In addition, CER's will actively contribute to the fellows' site. (with support and guidance from Project Directors and Fellows in the community of practice).Current and previous Fellows and potential new Fellows can suggest entrepreneurs for the CER program. Support from the department or school that would house the CER would also be needed.

Participation Requirements For All Fellows

All Fellows receiving funding for are required to (1) Attend the Fellows Summit, if and when held to learn about the program and get an introduction to entrepreneurship education (don't worry, a big crowd of us go up from SLU), (2) Attend monthly one-hour WebEx national calls (a.k.a. Coffee Cup Sessions typically held Friday at 10am) to find out what other schools are doing, get training on techniques to use in your classes and discuss what is happening with the other SLU Fellows, (3) Post to the website your before-and-after syllabi, program notes, or details of the work you've done as a Fellow, as well as complete mid-year and end-of-year surveys.

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If you have any questions, please contact:Jerome Katz
Coleman Endowed Professor of Entrepreneurship
Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business

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