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The Coleman Fellows are faculty from across the campus at Saint Louis University who are infusing their courses and academic programs with entrepreneurship training and education for their students. Following the idea of the Foundation, they promote entrepreneurship as self-employment through business ownership which has significant elements of risk, control and reward. The Foundation awards grants to Fellows to develop and deploy these entrepreneurship materials, and offers several venues where the faculty can share and promote their efforts. These include:

  • Coleman Fellows' Pre-Conference Programs before the annual Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization ( or Self-Employment in the Arts ( conferences and
  • Monthly Coleman Fellows Coffee Cup Webinars.

Today there are more than 120 Fellows at more than two dozen campuses across the US. They represent nearly every discipline found in the modern university. SLU's own Fellows and their projects are given below:

  • David Barnett, (Biomedical Engineering, Parks), Adding entrepreneurship to the Biomedical Instrumentation Course.
  • Martin Brief (Fine & Performing Arts, A&S), Entrepreneurship modules for Senior Design
  • Sridhar Condoor (Mechanical Engineering, Parks), Technology Entrepreneurship Minor
  • Steve Jenkins (Nutrition & Dietetics, Doisy), Modules for Gastronomy and Food Processing courses.
  • Huliyar Mallikarjuna (Electrical and Computer Engineering, Parks), Adding entrepreneurship to the Electrical Energy Conversion course.
  • Mildred Mattfeldt-Beman (Nutrition & Dietetics, Doisy), MS in Culinary Entrepreneurship.
  • Alesia Slocum (SLU Madrid), Introduction to Entrepreneurship: An EU Perspective
  • Jintong Tang (Management, Cook) Entrepreneurial Opportunity Online Module
  • Stephen Wernet (Social Work), Social Venturing  
There is an annual call for Coleman Fellows, with a due date of April 16, 2012. Click here for details. You can also learn more about the program by visiting its website at

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If you have any questions, please contact:

Jerome Katz
Coleman Endowed Professor of Entrepreneurship
John Cook School of Business

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