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The table below displays featured active projects and will be updated on a project-by-project basis.

Project Description

Start  Date

Completion Date

Grand Hall / New Residence Hall 2

Saint Louis University Board of Trustees approved construction of a new $71 million residence hall on SLU's Midtown St. Louis campus. The new facility will be located near the northwest corner of Grand Boulevard and Laclede Avenue. The new residence hall approved by the Board on Saturday will be a seven-story, 237,000-square-foot facility built on what is now a surface parking lot near Grand and Laclede. The new building will be connected to the adjacent Griesedieck Complex, the University's largest residential facility. Designed for first-and-second year students, the new facility will feature single and double suite-style rooms with a total of 528 beds. Plans also call for a 740-seat campus dining hall, as well as classrooms, study lounges and an outdoor plaza, among many other features.

Project Updates

October 2015

August 2017

Spring Hall / New Residence Hall 1

Pre-construction began in December 2014 on an eight-story new residence hall located at Laclede and Spring avenues behind Fusz Hall.  

See Student Development's page for more details.

Project Updates

December 2014

July 2016

Ritter Hall Renovations

Ritter Hall as major renovations have been underway throughout the entire building. General renovations include: mechanical and lighting upgrades, new flooring and painting upgrades, new water bottle filling stations, new fire suppression system, new student lounges, renovated restrooms, new classroom tables, chairs and whiteboards, and high tech computer labs. 

June 2015

September 2015

St. Francis Xavier College Church

The purpose of the project is to address the tuck-pointing and stonework repairs needed to the Church steeple and bell tower in an effort to address the structural integrity of the building. 

July 2014

December 2014

Morrissey and Shannon Halls - Repurposing Space

This project involves full building renovations and repurposing for the Morrissey and Shannon Hall for the relocation of departments within the College of Arts & Sciences. The following departments will be relocated to Morrissey Hall: Psychology, MFT, Sociology & Anthropology, and Modern & Classical Languages. Also, Physics will be relocated to Shannon Hall along with labs within the Chemistry department that currently leases space in ABI. The renovation will provide space for enrollment growth in Parks College, Communication Science and Disorders, Computer Science, and Disability Education. In addition, the project will address accreditation issues in Psychology and position science to increase enrollment and research in response to job opportunities in STEM. Furthermore, the anticipated project outcome is to increase tuition revenue from STEM enrollment growth, improve science support for health-related programs, protect and expand research programs and external funding, expand community outreach through Disability Education and the Psychology and Counseling clinics and create academic synergies: Modern Classical Languages & Sociology; Physics & Chemistry; Parks & Atmospheric Sciences.

May 2014

Shannon:  March 2015

Morrissey:  Aug 2014

DuBourg Hall - Exterior weatherproofing

The exterior repairs scheduled will include re tuck-pointing exterior elevations, masonry & sandstone repairs to the building envelope, restoration & painting of decorative wood trim at each window opening, installing painted aluminum cladding to match decorative wood over all horizontal & vertical window openings for weather protection. Scaffolding will be required to complete the work at each elevation. The installation of scaffolding will begin on the North side of the building starting on April 1, 2014. Some entrances will need to be temporarily closed at times in order to complete the repairs needed. Signage will be posted at building entrances and elevator locations in DuBourg Hall to provide building occupants with project updates and building entry closures.

April 2014 

December 2014


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