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Facilities Management provides stewardship of campus resources through an integrated approach to planning, thereby enhancing a physical environment that is sustainable and conducive to the diverse characteristics of the University's mission of teaching, research and community service. In providing this service, we balance all aspects of facilities services, including program fulfillment, efficient use of physical and financial resources, attention to long and short term maintenance and operational costs, quality of space and materials, compliance with life-safety codes, and adherence to established policies and guidelines.

Our goal is to provide an attractive and functional environment that will serve as a resource in attracting and retaining quality students, faculty and staff.

Facilities Management maintains 107 buildings on North Campus, which make up over 5 million square feet of building space, and 1 building for the School of Law located downtown. At the South Campus, Building Services maintains 23 buildings, which makes up over 2 million square feet, and 4 parking garages. During the course of this last year, Facilities Management processed over 36,000 Work Orders, made up of both planned and unplanned maintenance work.


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