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FedEx Billing ProcessFirst Class Business Reply Permit Pitney Bowes Billing & Account Information


FedEx Billing Process

Mail Services collaborated with Business Services to review the process associated with the submittal and billing for FedEx packages.

Effective Friday, June 1, 2012, there will be two options for processing FedEx packages and having them billed back to the correct department.

Option 1: Using a P-Card

FedEx accounts will be required to reference a department's P-Card or Grant P-Card account number. Employees should check with department administrators to see if there's already a FedEx account set up through the department's P-Card. A P-Card may be requested by contacting the program administrator at 314-977-3921 or follow the instruction here.

To set up a FedEx account, go to the Educational and Institutional Cooperative Purchasing website, on the left side of the page arrow down and go to the following links:

"FedEx Corporation"
"Getting Started Info"
"New Account Set Up," and complete the form. An email confirmation including the new account number will be sent via email within four to seven business days.

Option 2: For departments that do not have a P-Card or a Grant P-Card

On an exception basis, FedEx packages can continue to be processed by submitting through Mail Services, for low volume users only. A note on the package will need to be placed indicating the individual's address and department fund number to be charged. This will be billed back to the designated department at month's end via a journal entry.

Package Pick-up

Billing through Mail Services:

  • In order to have a package picked-up, users must submit a work order to notify Distribution Services that a package is ready to be picked up. For immediate same day pick up, call 314-977-7179.
  • Small packages can still be picked up via their mail carrier

 Billing through P-Card:

  • All of the above options
  • University FedEx Drop Locations (Dept has a FedEx account number):
  • FedEx drop-off locations can also be used, which are located in the Learning Resources Center, DuBourg Hall and Earhart Hall.

For questions regarding FedEx accounts, contact Jeff Hovey in Business Services at or Joe Stumpf in Mail Services at


First Class Business Reply Permit

The University maintains a First Class Business Permit to provide a cost-effective means for University departments to encourage mail responses, i.e., reservations, surveys, information requests, etc.

Business Reply mail is returned by U.S. mail to the University at no cost to the respondent. The University pays first class postage for each returned item. This mail will be routed to your department as it is received.

Required Format

The Business Reply Permit imprint, bar code information, and the following return address must be printed on each envelope or postcard:

Saint Louis University
"your department name"
221 North Grand Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63103-2097

Note: The return address must appear as shown above since the University's Business Reply Permit is issued to 221 North Grand. Mail Services will forward it to your department as it is received.

External Set-Up by Outside Vendor

If you have printing done outside the University and want to use Permit #998, you must instruct the vendor to print it on your envelopes or cards as described in the section Required Format. The printer must print the proper Business Reply bar code on the envelope or card and use the 221 North Grand return address.


Pitney Bowes Billing & Account Information

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