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First Class Business Reply Permit

The University maintains a First Class Business Permit to provide a cost-effective means for University departments to encourage mail responses, i.e., reservations, surveys, information requests, etc.

Business Reply mail is returned by U.S. mail to the University at no cost to the respondent. The University pays first class postage for each returned item. This mail will be routed to your department as it is received.

Required Format

The Business Reply Permit imprint, bar code information, and the following return address must be printed on each envelope or postcard:

Saint Louis University
"your department name"
221 North Grand Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63103-2097

Note: The return address must appear as shown above since the University's Business Reply Permit is issued to 221 North Grand. Mail Services will forward it to your department as it is received.

External Set-Up by Outside Vendor

If you have printing done outside the University and want to use Permit #998, you must instruct the vendor to print it on your envelopes or cards as described in the section Required Format. The printer must print the proper Business Reply bar code on the envelope or card and use the 221 North Grand return address.

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