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Inter-Office Mail

Mail Services picks up inter-office mail throughout the University for delivery to other departments and for relay to the appropriate mail centers.

N.B. We do not have inter-office mail delivery service to off-campus locations, with just a few exceptions. Service is provided from the SLU Hospital mail room to these locations: Anheuser Busch Institute, the Ob/Gyn offices at St. Mary's Hospital on Bellevue, and Des Peres Hospital on Dougherty Ferry Road. Mail to any other location needs to be sent via USPS.

Gold Inter-office Envelopes The small or large inter-office envelopes are provided at no charge. To order small quantities of reusable inter-office envelopes call Mail Services at 977-2246


General Instructions

  • Place mail in an inter-office envelope or fold and seal the flyer with a label affixed
  • Clearly indicate an addressee name, department name, building, and room number on the envelope. (Do NOT abbreviate)
  • Take to nearest drop-off location (listed below)

For information about large inter-office mailings, click here.


Inter-office mail will be delivered to University departments at "Incoming Mail" drop areas according to designated schedule.

mail boxes


* Please keep all inter-office envelopes separate from mail that requires processing for the USPS.

  • Pickup occurs three times per day, and mail will be delivered the next day.
  • Mail to be metered will be postmarked on the same day and picked up by the U.S.P.S. by 5 p.m.

Drop-Off Locations:

DuBourg Hall - Rm 244

Busch Student Center - lower level

Schwitalla Hall - Rm 055

3100 Washington Blvd.

Large Packages

Departments are responsible for coordinating the delivery of large and/or heavy packages from their office to Mail Services. Distribution Services will be happy to pick up and/or deliver large packages to you. For same day pickup service before 3:00 p.m., please call 977-2958 or 977-7179 to make arrangements for the service.

To arrange pickup or deliver in advance, please submit a service request through the work order system. Select "Work Request for Distribution Services", then "Mail", choosing which option is necessary: mail deliver or mail pickup. 

If you need assistance with locating a package, please call Distribution Services at 977-2958 or 977-7179.

Mass Mailings

Large Inter-Office Mailing

Mailings that are too large for the mail carriers to handle cannot be picked-up without prior notice. To arrange for special handling, please call Mail Services at 977-2246.

Preparing an inter-office mailing to the entire University? Following these instructions in order to facilitate timely delivery:

  1. Separate mail before submittal to Mail Center
  2. Separate by North Campus, South Campus or Tenet Hospital, building locations and departments
  3. Contact Mail Services for pickupLarge Inter-Office Mailing

Large Outgoing Mailing

  1. Please have all mail facing the same direction.
  2. Have the flaps uniform - all nested, or all folded over. DO NOT tuck in flaps.
  3. Separate international mail; that requires different processing.
  4. Verify that all addresses are complete. Please check the database prior to printing the addresses.
  5. DO NOT OVERSTUFF ENVELOPES with an excessive number of inserts or improperly folded inserts.

Off-campus Mass Mailing

The University maintains a Third-Class standard mail permit for use by departments to process mass mailings at a reduced rate. This service is available to all departments at the Frost Campus and Health Sciences Center Academic/Research Divisions.

Standard Mail Permit 134 is issued to Saint Louis University, 221 North Grand Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63103-2097 as a non-profit organization and as such is the entity authorized to use this permit. The permit cannot be loaned to any profit-making organization nor used in conjunction with advertisements for products or services not directly related to the University's mission.

In-House Preparation

Mail Services can provide you with a service guide that will assist you in preparing your mailing, determining the correct standard rate and completing the U.S.P.S. "Statement of Mailing with Permit Imprints" form (PS FORM 3602N).

  • The person responsible for coordinating the department's standard mailing needs to insure that the appropriate indicia is included in the layout of the publication being created.

Bulk Mailings Prepared Outside the University

Commercial printers/mailing businesses will prepare your standard mailing materials, sort the printed material according to zip code and current standard mail requirements, complete the PS FORM 3602N, and submit the mailing to the Weigher's Office at the main U.S. Post Office. PLEASE PROVIDE THE PRINTER/MAILER WITH THE DEPARTMENT'S 6-DIGIT BANNER FUND NUMBER FOR TRACKING PURPOSES.

  • The person responsible for coordinating the department's standard mailing needs to insure that the appropriate indicia is included in the layout of the publication being created.
  • A copy of the PS FORM 3602N must be submitted to Mail Services.
  • A copy of the PS FORM 3602N must be submitted to Mail Services.

For additional information regarding services, please contact Mail Services at 977-2246.



The Mail Services department coordinates the University's daily mail delivery from the USPS branch stations to University departments and meters all USPS mail submitted by departments. Mail Services staff concentrate on the delivery and pick-up of University business-related mail. Personal mail and third-class "junk mail" is not a priority.

The USPS mail for students is delivered to the Busch Student Center. The phone number for the Student Mail Room is (314) 977-1128.

Departmental incoming mail

Mail is delivered to the designated "Incoming Mail" drops within each building.

Departmental out-going mail

Mail prepared by departments to be metered through the Mail Center as first-class mail will be picked up daily from the "Outgoing Mail" drops in each building. Stamped mail may also be deposited directly into any USPS mail box or should be kept separate from mail to be metered.

Official Business Only

First-class postage will be affixed to unstamped University mail via postage meter imprint in accordance with weight and destination rates. Postage will be applied only to mail identified as University correspondence; personal mail will not be metered.

Monthly Billing Charges

Postage costs will be billed monthly to the department shown on the return address or as otherwise indicated with the Banner fund number.

Submittal of Large Mailings

For mailings of more than 1,500 pieces, please inform Mail Services 3-5 days in advance of the actual mailing to ensure that there is sufficient postage on the University's Post Office account.

International Mail

Domestic and international mail must be separated by departments. If it is not separated in advance, the domestic rate may be applied incorrectly to international mail and cause delays in delivery and additional postage. Air or surface service should be indicated for international mail.

Special Mail Services

Departments requiring special mail services, such as certified or express mail, should call 977-2246 for assistance.

Veteran's Administration Mailings

 Mail to Veteran's Administration Hospital (VA) may not be processed as inter-office mail. Departments should process through the USPS to:

VA- John Cochran
915 North Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63106


VA- Jefferson Barracks
#1 Jefferson Barracks
St. Louis, MO 63125

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