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The Mail Services department coordinates the University's daily mail delivery from the USPS branch stations to University departments and meters all USPS mail submitted by departments. Mail Services staff concentrate on the delivery and pick-up of University business-related mail. Personal mail and third-class "junk mail" is not a priority.

The USPS mail for students is delivered to the Busch Student Center. The phone number for the Student Mail Room is (314) 977-1128.

Departmental Incoming Mail

Mail is delivered to the designated "Incoming Mail" drops within each building.

Departmental Out-Going Mail

Mail prepared by departments to be metered through the Mail Center as first-class mail will be picked up daily from the "Outgoing Mail" drops in each building. Stamped mail may also be deposited directly into any USPS mail box or should be kept separate from mail to be metered.

Sealing of Envelopes

The postage machine only seals #10 envelopes. All other correspondence should be sealed by the department.

Official Business Only

First-class postage will be affixed to unstamped University mail via postage meter imprint in accordance with weight and destination rates. Postage will be applied only to mail identified as University correspondence; personal mail will not be metered. Please identify the department by noting the department's 6-digit Banner Fund on the outgoing mail.

Monthly Billing Charges

Postage costs will be billed monthly to the department shown on the return address or as otherwise indicated with the Banner fund number.

Submittal of Large Mailings

For mailings of more than 1,500 pieces, please inform Mail Services 3-5 days in advance of the actual mailing to ensure that there is sufficient postage on the University's Post Office account.

International Mail

Domestic and international mail must be separated by departments. If it is not separated in advance, the domestic rate may be applied incorrectly to international mail and cause delays in delivery and additional postage. Air or surface service should be indicated for international mail.

Special Mail Services

Departments requiring special mail services, such as certified or express mail, should call 977-2246 for assistance.

Veteran's Administration Mailings

Mail to Veteran's Administration Hospital (VA) may not be processed as inter-office mail. Departments should process through the USPS to:

VA - John Cochran
915 North Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63106


VA - Jefferson Barracks
#1 Jefferson Barracks
St. Louis, MO 63125

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