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Seeking to continuously improve campus operations at Saint Louis University, Facilities Services is committed to a benchmarking process that identifies areas for opportunity. By identifying best practices in the higher education sector and comparing current processes, we are able to develop performance metrics and compile data to inform strategic decision-making for campus facilities and operations.


Sightlines benchmarking process

We work with Sightlines Consulting Group to assess our level of service, resource stewardship, staffing appropriation, and facility asset management practices annually, comparing against their database of institutions. Their Return-On-Physical-Assets (ROPA) process uses in-depth analysis and benchmarking to evaluate performance, set targets and track progress across years.

FY14 Sightlines Presentation

FY13 Sightlines Presentation 

FY12 Sightlines Presentation

FY11 Sightlines Presentation

Sightlines Survey & Inspection Peer Comparisons

FY13 Survey

Customer Satisfaction - Sightlines Graph


General Repair Impression - Sightlines Graph

                          Facilities Services

Facilities Management


Cleanliness Inspection - Sightlines Graph


Grounds Inspection - Sightlines Graph

Custodial Services Grounds Services

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We participate in the Facilities Performance Indicators Survey and Report annually through APPA - Leadership in Educational Facilities. This survey and reporting tool enhances our ability to measure operations and performance in order to implement successful strategies that support our Mission and Vision. 

Additional Reports & Resulting Awards


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