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Keeping Waste out of Landfills: Recycling & Reuse

Recycle bin w/items

Single-Stream Recycling

Learn about what items can be placed in the blue recycling receptacles.



Learn about the annual recycling competition among colleges and universities

composting/pile of leaves


Learn about what items are compostable, where it happens on campus, and how composting works.


e-recycling drive


Learn about what electronic items are collected for recycling, when, and where collections occur.



Ink and Toner Cartridges

Learn about how collection of ink and toner cartridges happens separately from single-stream recycling.

lightbulb battery


Batteries & Light Bulbs

Learn about battery and light bulb recycling options.




Have an item that does not fit in any of the categories shown? Find out what other options are available to you.


Learn about what items are NOT recyclable and should be placed in the grey or black receptacles.

Trash to Treasure Drop Off Sign

Move-In & Move-Out

Learn about recycling and donating during campus-wide moving events.

For information about recycling other household and everyday items, visit St. Louis City Recycles.

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