Saint Louis University

Yard Waste CompositingYard Compost

Yard Waste comes from the maintenance of the SLU grounds, whether its tree branches, bushes, flowers, or other natural plants around SLU's campus.

Yard waste that was previously hauled away is now composted on campus by the Grounds department. All yard waste that cannot be composted onsite (i.e. tree stumps) is composted at the landfill site. However, the majority of the debris generated from the grounds operation is kept on site, composted, and re-used throughout campus areas. This composting helps to generate needed nutrients for plant life in the flower beds around campus and keeps it out of the landfill. For additional information visit Buildings & Grounds

Fresh Gatherings

Food Compositing


All food at Fresh Gatherings Cafe is served on fully compostable plates, cups, bowls, etc. Beverage cups are compostable (both hot and cold). The garden program utilizes seven compost tumblers, one large industrial sized tumbler, an Earth Tub, and a vermiculture system for management of both pre- and post-consumer food waste.
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