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The 2013 Recyclemania competition ran from February 2 to March 29.

The following table shows the result from this year's competition.

Grand Champion Single-Stream Per Capita Gorilla
MO Ranking Diversion Rate MO Ranking lbs/person MO Ranking Total lbs.
7th/8 24.16% 7th/14 10.77 4th/14 202,321


Below is a summary of the events that took place during this year's competition.


This competition began as a way to engage the campus community in recycling efforts and demonstrate the easy of recycling on campus. Student groups, departments, and other teams were encouraged to "adopt" a recycling and landfill bin pair in their desired location and actively monitor and promote correct waste collection. Members of the winning teams were awarded a prize package based on their award level. were awarded .


    • Grand Prize: Biology Department - adopted Macelwane Hall
      • Each member received: a free lunch, tickets to the Moolah, a Metro pass, and a reusable Recyclemania mug
    • 2nd Place: Just Earth Bagels - adopted Au Bon Pain
      • Each member received: Recyclemania swag
    • Honorable Mention: Sustainable Planet Learning Community - Reinert Hall Lobby; SGA Sustainability Committee - Pius Library 1st Floor; Office of Admission - Marguerite and Pruellage Hall Council

The pictures below illustrate the efforts made by each team to decorate and draw attention to their adopted locations. These groups showed that recycling is easy and just as convenient as landfill.

Grand and Second Spotlight


Battle for the Boot

Employees and students were asked to bring new or used shoes to SLU for donation. This competition supports the Shoeman Water Project, a local non-profit organization, by providing shoes to many in developing countries who are without foot protection. The donated shoes also serve as a source of revenue that supports the greater vision of changing lives forever by drilling wells and installing pumps for villages without clean drinking water.

"The Universities support the communities with outreach programs and the shoe drive allows us all to help with an international mission," said Yvonne McCool, project coordinator for SLU and the Staff Advisory Committee (SAC). The competition was once again held between SLU and WashU to see who could collect the most shoes, with the winner being awarded with the Gold Boot trophy.

E-Waste Drive

Saint Louis University's Facilities Services, in partnership with Missouri Recycling Center( MRC), hosted the annual electronic waste collection drive. SLU and Saint Louis community members were encouraged to bring broken and unwanted electronics to be responsibly recycled by MRC. This year SLU placed 4th out of 79 schools with a total of 68,038 lbs of e-waste. That's equivalent to 3.62 lbs per SLU student.

MRC Certificate of Proper Recycling