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Recycle Bin

Recycling deconstructs a material to its basic components or ingredients so it may be utilized again in another product that requires the same substances. Typically, recycling involves preserving non-renewable resources such as precious metals or costly, slow renewable resources such as wood or petroleum.
Saint Louis University provides avenues for two main types of recycling:
1) Single-Stream
2) E-Waste

Facilities Services' current waste diversion rate is 17%.  What is waste diversion? It is the % of solid waste that is kept from going to the landfill.

SLU is part of the single-stream recycling program.  At SLU you can recycle paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, and glass waste in single stream receptacles.

Q: Why bother to recycle?
A:. Recycling saves a lot of energy, keeps pollutants out of landfills, and diminishes the need to harvest raw materials from the earth and environment. Any time we can avoid causing damage to the earth's ecosystem and diminish green house gas emissions, we help protect the air, water, and soil we need to survive.

Also, SLU is participating in a program called STARS (Sustainability Tracking Assessment Rating System) through which we are aiming to improve our level of sustainability each year.

Q: What is single-stream (mixed) recycling?
A: Collecting all paper, metal, plastic and glass recyclables in the same receptacle.

Here's some facts about SLU's recycling program

  • Single-Stream Recycling
    • Single-Stream recycling efforts have increased by 92% since FY09 
    • Every year SLU grows with its participation in RecycleMania (an annual waste diversion competition among national and local universities)   
    • Facilities Services strives to have recycling areas in 100% of campus buildings
    • An increase in recycling has decreased our overall waste expenses by 18% over the past four years.
  • Pepsi Dream Machine 
    • We host two Pepsico Dream Machine recycling receptacles SLU's Dream Machine is located in Busch Student Center on the ground floor across from the student mail boxes and in DeMattias Hall behind the C-Store.  
    • The Dream Machine, a computerized recycling machine, is supported by our partnership with Waste Management to enhance our recycling initiatives. The machine is based on a personal reward system and accepts both plastic bottles and aluminum cans.
    • The collection allows the consumer to earn points for each recyclable, while also providing donations to Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV).
      For more information go to
  • E-waste Recycling
    • The 'anything with a cord' recycling drive take place multiple times a year, offering the campus community the opportunity to dispose of their broken electronics, appliances or "anything with a cord" in a more environmentally friendly manner.  Have something now that you want to get rid of?  Place a service request to have it picked up.
    • We take full advantage of the Toner recycling program provided by Staples, our office supply vendor, as just one way of greening our offices. Look for this sign to recycle your items 

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