Saint Louis University


Single-Stream Recycling collects everyday glass, plastic, aluminum, paper and cardboard recyclables in a single BLUE bin. This eliminates the need to sort the materials, making it easier and more user-friendly to recycle.




Access the Single-Stream FAQ Brochure here.

 Access the Single-Stream Reference Guide here.

Want a lesson on recycling?

Request a presentation from Facilities Services or give the presentation yourself by using our Prezi or PowerPoint presentation.

Where are the recycling dumpsters?

 Progressive Dumpsters

Progressive's recycling dumpsters can be identified by their blue colors and are accessible around campus.

Click here to locate the one nearest you. 

Where can I find BigBelly Solar recycling/landfill stations on campus?

Saint Louis University has multiple pairings of recycling and landfill  BigBelly Solar units across the campus.





Waste Diversion Goal = 30%

SLU is working hard to send less waste to landfills and more to recycling centers. You can help Facilities Services reach a campus diversion rate of 30%.




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