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Looking for a way to contribute to campus sustainability beyond your day-to-day routine?  Consider supporting these groups.

Sustainability Advisory Council

 ERO Action Team

 Student Sustainability Groups


Sustainability Advisory Council


Over the summer of 2012, a small group of faculty, staff and students met to develop a recommendation for formation of a campus advisory council on sustainability. The group reviewed and discussed various membership models and recommended formation of a SLU Sustainability Advisory Council modeled after the University of Kansas (


The SLU Sustainability Advisory Council, reporting to senior administration, serves in a resource and advisory capacity to SLU campus units as sustainability is more fully integrated into academic, administrative and operational practices. The Council is charged with supporting the University in the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategic plan for sustainability at Saint Louis University.

Sustainability Defined

SLUstainablity complements the Mission of Saint Louis University by promoting a campus community that engages in decision making based on the dimensions of social justice, environmental stewardship, and economic accountability. SLUstainability supports, values, and practices these dimensions to ensure that current and future generations have the opportunity to thrive.



Membership of the council is by appointment which is determined by ranking position at the University as well as representatives from Student Government Association, Faculty Senate and Staff Advisory Committee..

Action Teams:

Action teams are open to the whole SLU community, all are encouraged to join.  During the 2014-2015 academic year action teams have been formed to further SLU's efforts in AASHE's STARS reporting tool.  STARS provides a framework to further the University's sustainability efforts by providing a road-map of categories and initiatives.  Current Action Teams: STARS Oversight, Academics, Planning & Administration, Engagement, Operations.  

To find out more information about the council please email 


ERO Action Team 

ERO is to "maintain and conserve natural resources, protect our environment and do so in a sustainable manner through actions that will enhance environmental quality". To accomplish this initiative of ERO as part of Facilities Services strategic plan, the division has established the following action team:

  • Energy & Utility Strategies
At inception, the Environmental Resource Optimization (ERO) Action Team was three action teams: Integration, Initiative and Awareness, that were created by the Division of Facilities Services to increase the focus on sustainability. Action teams are reviewed annually and are revised based on Facilities Services' strategic plan, To read more about Facilities Services strategic plan, please follow this link


Student Sustainability Groups

We seek to increase and support student involvement with on-going and new sustainability efforts on campus. As new groups form and make a difference, SLU's overall culture of sustainability thrives. Get involved to make a difference, today!  Click on the descriptions to be redirected to each group's web-page.

Student Government Association

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Just Earth


Habitat for Humanity

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Engineers without Borders

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Global Brigades

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Fresh Gatherings

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Environmental Law

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Trash to Treasure

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