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Saint Louis University vs. Washington University

Which university will donate the most shoes?


November 15, 2012 - May 31, 2013

Donate shoes and help impoverished communities gain income, hygiene, and pride.

Yvonne McCool, SAC Corresponding Secretary, is helping SAC sponsor SLU's participation with a shoe drive to support the Shoeman Water Projects, by donating shoes (wearable, no holes, new or used) to be distributed to communities in need. The Shoeman Water Projects sells the donated shoes by the pound to distributors who then send them to developing countries like Africa, Haiti, and Guatemala to sell affordable footwear. The Shoeman uses the revenue from the shoe sales to drill for wells and install pumps and purifiers for clean drinking water. This season, SLU's goal is to donate at least 1,000 pounds of shoes, a fantastic follow-up to last year's notable contributions and victory over Washington University. (See related Newslink article or online photo gallery to learn more about last season's participation.)

shoe driveDonating is convenient. Currently, 28 buildings around Saint Louis University's Midtown campuses have collection boxes. In addition, you can request a special pick-up from Distribution Services by putting in a request on FAMIS. When selecting and preparing shoes for donation please assure that each pair is matching and bound together (tie laces together, connect by rubber band or string, or enclose in a small bag) as well as hole-free. Then, put your shoes in a "SLU SAC" collection box/bag, label the outside and let Distribution Services collect your donations. (Please do not overfill bags/boxes to maintain consistency in collection and protect bags/boxes from tearing.)

For more detailed information about this program please consult the following articles:

What happens to the shoes we donate?

How do I participate?
- Ordering a pick-up
- Drop-off locations
- SLU SAC Shoe Drive Labels
-Collecting/turning-in donations

-Promote by hanging a flyer in your area

Who do I contact with questions?
Yvonne McCool
Grants Development Specialist
Admin. Nursing
School of Nursing, SON-Room 320

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