Saint Louis University

Ameren Missouri gives Saint Louis University $52,288 for Lighting Upgrades

The Laclede, Hickory, and Compton/Olive garage's lighting was recently retrofitted. The existing 150 watt high pressure sodium fixtures were changed to two 42 watt compact fluorescent lamps.

While this may not seem like a lot at first glance, it adds up to a savings of 1,226,494 kWh annually!

Ameren UE ‘s business Energy Efficiency Program was introduced in February 2009. Ameren is offering incentives for installations of approved energy efficient equipment. Ameren is also offering incentives for HVAC, refrigeration, motors and design changes in existing and new construction.Garage Upgrade Rebate

The decision was made to retro fit instead of replacing. This enabled us to keep the original fixtures; saving new production materials and less landfill waste. The old lamps were recycled as well as the cardboard packaging.

The Compton/Olive garage is also using daylight harvesting sensors on the outer rows of lights. These sensors measure the amount of light ambient daylight shining it to the garage. If enough light is available the rows will turn on and off automatically. The light harvesting was in part designed by Parks College EE students. The students were able to actually see their design go from paper to product.

Initially there were concerns with a reduction of wattage that the light output would not be sufficient. Several mock ups of the new kits were installed in different areas of the garage. The concerns were unwarranted, everyone has been very complimentary of the new lights. This is partially due to the color change of the light. The compact fluorescent lamps have a cooler or whiter look, at 4100k*, with an 86 CRI** rating.

* 4100 k - refers to the temperature of the light, the higher the number the whiter the light, the lower the number the warmer the color. K=Kelvin.
** CRI- Color Rendering Index - a numbering index used to scale how well the light will show true colors. Rated from 0 - 100 with 100 being the best

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