Saint Louis University

Lighting the Way to Energy & Cost Savings

‘Tis the season for energy efficiency thanks to Facilities Management. The tree of lights in the DRC fountain was designed, fabricated, constructed, and installed 100% by FM employees.

With this new design, the LED lights only draw 25.35 KWH hours of energy per night. The original incandescent design would have used 195 KWH hours of energy per night. That's right, that's an energy savings of 170 KWH per night!

The LED lights were purchased for about the same cost as it would have taken to add the additional circuits required to run the incandescent tree. In operation, the incandescent lights would have cost $764.40 for the 7 week period. The LED lights only cost $99.40 for the same 7 week period for a savings of $665.00!

An added bonus is that LED lights are nearly indestructible. You can drop or walk on them and they will not break. As we know, incandescent lights are very fragile. Because of that, numerous lamps would have to be replaced each year due to breakage during the installation, breakdown and storage of the tree. But not with the LED tree!

Fun Facts:

  • The Medical Center Christmas tree stands 40 foot tall with 3,000 C7 LED lights
  • SLU saved 170 kWh hours of energy per night
  • LED lights have a 50,000 hour life cycle

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