Saint Louis University

Clean Air Saint Louis "No Idling" Initiative Hits Campus

Facilities Services, in partnership with Clean Air Saint Louis, is working to improve the air quality in the St. Louis area. In 2010, the City of St. Louis passed an ordinance (612.340) reducing the allowable idling limit from 10 minutes down to 5 minutes.

It is a public health hazard to allow vehicle engines to idle for any length of time. With this in mind, No Idling signs are being placed in these areas on campus:

  • Earhart Dock 
  • Earhart Parking Area
  • Schwitalla Dock 
  • Salus Dock 
  • Pius Library Loop
  • Salus/Water Tower Inn Loop
  • DuBourg Hall Cut-out
  • BSC Loading Dock
  • Searls
  • DRC Loading Dock
  • Georgetown Loop
  • Ritter
  • College Church Cut-out
  • Bannister House
  • McDonnell Douglas

The installation targets campus loading docks and curb cut-outs, where most offenses occur. An additional aspect of the initiative instructs all vendor vehicles to also adhere to the ordinance while on the Saint Louis University campus.

For more information about Clean Air Saint Louis, please visit

For additional transportation information, visit SLUstainability Transportation

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