Saint Louis University

SLU Reduces Waste Expenses by Increases Recycling Efforts

Saint Louis University's Grounds & Custodial departments have been hard at work trying to increase awareness of recycling services on campus. With the introduction of single-stream recycling on campus, came an increase in the total volume of tonnage that students, faculty, and staff deposit into the recycling bins.

Every year that passes more and more effort is placed on increasing the total tonnage of waste diverted to recycling. Not only is this good for the environment, but it also saves the university money, which helps offset student tuition. Each year an increase in recycling, helps reduce the total trash/waste cost.

Waste Recycling ExpensesWaste Recycling Tons

Since the campus is growing and the number of campus users increase every year, its important to evaluate the total number of campus users (faculty, staff, and students) per tonnage. The graph below demonstrates that SLU, even though it continues to grow its population every year, is still increasing its total recycling and decreasing its waste tonnage.Waste Recycling per Campus User

Tip of the week: Did you know that you can recycle pizza boxes, sandwich bags, or other food containers, just give it a quick rinse first

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