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SLU Celebrates Earth Day 2012

April 20, 2012

David Webb


Since the first Earth Day, universities have played a key role in helping to increase environmental awareness and responsibility. Some of the most creative and impactful work for social and environmental change happens on campuses across the globe. Saint Louis University is no exception.

This year, the Center for Sustainability wants to share how they celebrate the Earth during the month of April, as well as the bigger steps SLU has taken to become a more sustainable campus capable of celebrating, protecting and preserving the planet every day.

Consistent with the Jesuit tradition and mission, Saint Louis University believes in educating the "whole person": mind, body, heart and spirit. The more "whole" a student is, the better equipped they are to be a steward of Earth's resource and to make a lasting contribution to the world and future generations.

Below are just a few recent and ongoing events and examples of Saint Louis University's commitment to the Earth and sustainability.

Activities and events:

  • SLU Goes Dark Campaign 
    • Exterior lights will be turned off in Griesedieck Hall, Doisy Research Center and SLU monuments on Grand as an energy-saving gesture symbolic of SLU's commitment to sustainability and Earth Day
  • Arbor Day Tree planting
  • Eco Clamshell Program
  • E-waste Recycling Drive
  • Recyclemania Competition
  • Furniture Re-use Program
  • Lighting Conservation Upgrades
  • Installation of 'No Idling' signs on campus
  • GreenTown Conference: Rebuilding Sustainable Cities (coming Fall 2012)

Learning and growth:

  • ATLAS Week presentation
  • Health and the Environment Seminar
  • Webster Sustainability Conference
  • Masters Program in Sustainability
  • Partnership between Billiken Dining Services and Campus Kitchens
  • RCGA Green Business Challenge

Measurement and tracking:

  • RCGA Green Business Challenge
  • STARS (Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System)

How to take action:

  • Sustainability Awareness and Initiative Teams
  • Just Earth
  • Environmental Task Force
  • The Environmental Law Society
  • The Sustainable Planet Learning Community

For more information on how SLU is leading the charge of sustainability in higher education, take a look at the SLUstainability efforts and resources available through various departmental websites:

      The Center for Sustainability

      Facilities Services Sustainability

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