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Water bottles: Friend or foe? Colleges making efforts to curtail containers

The Thursday, April 26, 2012 issue of The University News featured an article on Facilities Management's efforts to install water bottling filling stations on campus and the issue of a proposed ban of water bottles. The article written by Jonathan Ernst discussed what the challenges are surrounding the issue, the effect of bottle waste on the environment and the promotion of reusable bottle usage.

The following are some excerpts from the article:

"We want to promote more reusable bottled water usage so we are working to slowly integrate it on campus," Project Analyst for Service Operations Brandon Verhoff said. "This is about waste diversion and we want to recognize the fact that more students want to use reusable water bottles."

Civic Affairs Committee Chair for the Student Government Association Elizabeth Alberty said she supports a ban of plastic bottled water on SLU's campus, but wants to ensure it is implemented effectively. "We looked at Wash U's model and we felt that they didn't properly lead up to their ban. We feel it is important for SLU to properly promote and put in place alternatives," Alberty said.

{Image} Water bottle filling station located on the second floor of the Busch Student Center. Kristen Miano/Associate News Editor

"It's simple, most bottled water is not recycled and this causes many environmental problems," Sustainability Graduate Student Maurice Muia said. "It is important to teach people that what they hold in their hand has to go somewhere after they are done with it and most often it goes in a landfill."

"Right now, we are focusing on the small things to make people excited for the filling stations and to recycle," Alberty said.

"If every person buys 10 less bottled waters a semester, that is a big number and it makes a big difference. Every little thing counts and everything you can reduce is important."

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